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I’ve Lost My Life Due to Essure

— November 2, 2015

More and more women are coming forward to speak out against Bayer’s “permanent” birth control product Essure. The product was approved for market in 2002 and over 23,000 women have joined the Essure Problems group on Facebook looking for answers to numerous devastating adverse effects from Essure. Bayer and the FDA continue to stand by the product, even though it has caused sometimes irreparable damage.

Earlier this year, Rikki Mitchell of KGUN9 TV, reported on the damage the Bayer “permanent” birth control product Essure is causing. One woman summed it up in the following sentence: I’ve lost my life due to Essure.

She tells her story of intense stabbing pains that bring her to her knees, as well as issues with bloating and joint pain. To this day, her doctors tell her nothing is wrong with her and Bayer stands by its product.


Another woman describes how one of her Essure implants fragmented. Most of the fragments have been removed. One, however, has migrated to her ascending colon.

On November 4, Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) will hold a press conference announcing the “E-Free Act,” a bipartisan bill that would force this unsafe product off the market.

A correction to the video, as well as an indictment of Essure, is that the number of members of the Essure Problems Facebook group is reported as over 17k women. This video was posted on May 18, 2015 and the current number of E-sisters has risen to over 23k. That’s around 6k new members in roughly five months. Yet, Bayer and the FDA still insist there’s nothing wrong with Essure.

If you or someone you know has problems with Essure, there is also a Facebook group, Essure Problems, which offers moral support and good information for Essure victims.

Activist Erin Brockovich has created a website, Essure Procedure, in an effort to create change regarding this horrible device.

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