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Jonah Engler Helps Explore the Essential Attributes & Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

— June 23, 2020

The most important responsibility of a personal injury attorney is to make sure that you get the compensation that you rightly deserve because of your injuries sustained.

When you encounter an accident, it is quite natural for you to be traumatized, but you still need to keep your calm and ensure that you are compensated fairly and adequately for the injury. It is of pivotal importance to seek the assistance of a reputed and qualified personal injury lawyer so that you receive experienced and superlative representation in the court. Moreover, you could send a signal to the insurance agency that you are pretty serious about getting the right compensation for the injuries sustained. 

A personal injury lawyer is often called a car accident lawyer and he would be ensuring that the victim is fully compensated for his trauma, agony, suffering, and injuries including medical bills, loss of wages, etc. You must focus on seeking the services of a reputed legal firm that boasts of a robust established network of medical professionals, investigators, and of course, brilliant lawyers for supporting your legal campaign. 

Why Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Asks Jonah Engler

As per, after having an accident, you must not waste any time, instead, get in touch with a lawyer at once. You surely would need a qualified and experienced legal professional for navigating your unique personal injury claim. In the event you do not get in touch with your personal injury attorney, you are giving ample scope and time for the insurance company and even the other party to maneuver. Keep in mind that nobody would like to pay you any money as compensation even though they seem to be at fault and they are obligated to do so. 

Hence, it is critical to employ the services of an expert legal professional who would be helping to break down the entire situation for you. You would learn about all your rights and know what all you could expect in the event you need to file a claim. Your personal injury lawyer would be representing you in the court of law for ensuring that you get the best possible compensation. Needless to say, that your attorney would prove to be invaluable in the event of a dispute, says Jonah Engler. Here are some of the key attributes of a good personal injury lawyer.

Jonah Engler Identifies the Essential Traits


Professionalism is the hallmark of a good personal injury lawyer. It is of pivotal importance to identify a lawyer who performs all his responsibilities with utmost professionalism and expertise. He must handle his clients well and must be transparent about the steps he is taking. He must be passionate about and dedicated to seeking superlative results in the courtroom proceedings for his clients. He must be highly professional in his approach while negotiating with the other party or even while dealing with the insurance agency.


It is a wise move to look for a personal injury attorney who seems to be readily available to respond to your queries and to take up your case whenever the need arises. You should be having easy access to him so that you could get in touch with him whenever required. The attorney must boast of experienced and competent support workers who seem to be available 24×7 for updating you regarding the progress of and latest developments associated with your case. Your personal injury lawyer must be easily approachable whenever you need his guidance.

Reputation & Success 

You must choose a reputed lawyer because only then the insurance company would know how serious you are regarding this personal injury claim and they would understand in which direction the negotiations would be heading. If your lawyer has a strong track record of competence and success, you could end up obtaining stronger settlements than you really deserve. A lawyer with a string of successes would know pretty well how to tackle your case. He would know the insurance company pretty well and accordingly comes up with a super effective and winning stratagem. 


A car accident attorney must always be sincere and frank with their clients. He should inform you regarding the prospects of your personal injury case whether good or bad so that you are mentally prepared going forward. He must do his homework well regarding the other party and the insurance company. He must work hard and put in his best efforts so that he could chalk out the best possible course of action for your case. He must keep your objectives of filing the case in mind. Your goals must be given top priority while planning the case.

Gavel and rolled paper with “Personal Injury” on it sitting on top of dark red binder titled “Law.” Image by Claimaccident, via No changes.
Gavel and rolled paper with “Personal Injury” on it sitting on top of dark red binder titled “Law.” Image by Claimaccident, via No changes.

Jonah Engler Identifies the Role & Responsibilities 

Many people are traumatized and feel quite vulnerable after an accident. It is quite difficult to adjust and come to terms with reality after a life-changing injury. If you are the victim, you would find it pretty impossible to navigate the unknown world of law because you do not have the energy, expertise, or the confidence to do it. It is best to hire the expert services of a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer so that you get fair compensation.

Your Attorney Would Explain the Legal Process Involved

The entire process of filing a claim for your specific personal injury compensation could be pretty complicated and unique to the precise kind of injury sustained by you and the way you sustained it. Furthermore, personal injury law would be differing from one state to another. Different rules, statutes of limitations, etc. could make things even more intricate and impossible for you to tackle on your own. Once you hire the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer, he would be clearly explaining the entire process involved while filing your claim. He would let you know about what to expect within the next few weeks or the upcoming months. He would enlighten you about all your entitlements and rights.

Your Attorney Would Investigate Your Case Meticulously

Your attorney would give you perfect professional advice so that you know your rights and take the right step. Moreover, it is his duty to investigate your case thoroughly for determining the exact level of compensation you may rightfully deserve. Your attorney would investigate your injuries and their implications from the health and medical perspective so that he could come up with more precise and accurate judgments. This should help him in presenting powerful and stronger arguments while negotiating your personal injury settlement amount.

Your Attorney Would Be Negotiating a Fair Settlement

Your attorney has the experience and the proficiency to effectively deal with the attorneys of the other party or the insurance company and he has sound knowledge and deep understanding of how to negotiate and get what you rightly deserve.

Your Attorney Would Be Representing You in the Court of Law

Most cases of personal injury claims are generally, settled out of the court. However, on certain occasions, a fair settlement cannot be possible without the intervention of a third-party. Then it is logical to take your case to trial. Your lawyer would be representing you and fighting on your behalf for the compensation you rightly deserve.


The most important responsibility of a personal injury attorney is to make sure that you get the compensation that you rightly deserve because of your injuries sustained. He must make sincere efforts in knowing your case intimately to accurately determine the right compensation amount. He would be like a pillar of support for you and would be there for you every step of the way until you get fair compensation. 

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