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Law360 Pulse Releases Lawyer Satisfaction Survey

— April 12, 2022

One common complaint from lawyers is poor work/life balance.

No one ever said being a lawyer is easy. In fact, it’s rated as one of the most stressful professions you could join. First, you have to survive the gauntlet of law school. The old saying, “The first year, they scare you to death; the second year, they work you to death; and the third year, they bore you to death” exists for a reason. Once you’ve made it past law school, you get to sit for the bar exam. A test that puts you in situations you will never face in actual practice. If you pass and get your license, you either hang out your own shingle or put in grueling 80+ hour weeks as a junior associate. Sound like fun? Of course, there are upsides to practicing law. First, you actually get to help people. Second, it’s never dull. Beyond that, it is what you make of it.

One common complaint from lawyers is poor work/life balance. In law school, I heard of larger firms with gym-like locker rooms/showers on site such that associates could literally live there, if needed.

Then, of course, the COVID pandemic hit, and, as we all know, everything changed.

Law360 Pulse put together a fantastic document, “Lawyer Satisfaction Survey: Striving for Professional Balance in a Changed Landscape.” Their survey “focuses on how attorneys feel about their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic continues into its third year. Are attorneys satisfied with their work? What would make them more satisfied? Compensation, work hours, firm culture and common misconceptions all have a role to play in attorneys’ stress levels and overall satisfaction. The Lawyer Satisfaction Survey is part of a series of surveys that will radically expand the data-driven insights available as part of Law360 Pulse, a news service focused on the business of law.” (Excerpt from report)

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