Supreme Court Asked to Hear Age Discrimination Case

Discrimination appears in many forms, and for many older Americans, ageism is a real thing, especially for those trying to find a job. More and more older Americans are having a hard time even getting a shot at an interview, prompting some to raise questions like “can a job applicant sue an employer for discriminating against older workers?” Well, one Atlanta man did. Richard Villarreal sued the R.J. Reynolds company when the company failed to give him a response to an application he submitted. However, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Villarreal, and now the Supreme Court is being asked to hear the case. Depending on how they rule, it could become “tougher for older workers to prove age discrimination” when turned down for jobs.

Clothing Company Sues Ivanka Trump’s Firm For Unfair Competition

It seems President Trump isn’t’ the only one under fire these days. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, is now being accused of “improperly leveraging the power of the White House for private profit” by the San Francisco-based clothing company, Modern Appealing Clothing. According to the lawsuit filed by the clothing company last week, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC is has been “exploiting the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain” by promoting products at government events.

The Real Life ‘Watcher’ Torments Family

The Watcher movie has became a reality for one New Jersey family.  The family started to receive anonymous letters from the real life ‘Watcher’ almost immediately following the purchase of a new home.  Derek and Maria Broaddus filed a lawsuit against Westfield, their hometown, and have indicated they want to tear down their abode after the planning board rejected