State Senate Supports $3.75M Barahona Settlement Payout

A House committee has approved a bill that will pay out part of a settlement involved in a high-profile case that resulted in the death of a 10-year-old girl and near death of her twin brother. With the approval of the bill, known as HB 6523, $3.75 million of the $5 million that the Florida Department of Children and Families agreed to pay “to the estate of Nubia Barahona and to Victor Barahona” will be paid out. The other $1.25 million has already been paid.

iRobot Sues Hoover and Other Vacuum Manufacturers

iRobot has decided to sue Hoover, Black & Decker and other popular vacuum manufacturers on charges that they all “used its intellectual property without permission.” Additionally, the company also sued China-based Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co, a company that “manufactures Hoover and Black & Decker vacuums.”

Federal Jury Awards $13M Over Wrongful Conviction

Spending years behind bars for a crime you didn’t commit would be a nightmare for anyone. Unfortunately for Deon Patrick, this is exactly what happened to him. Fortunately for him, after spending “21 years in prison after signing a murder confession allegedly manufactured by Chicago police and Cook County prosecutors,” a federal jury awarded him $13 million on Wednesday as a result of a lawsuit he filed against the city of Chicago.