Shakeup May Not Save Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is facing hard times. Once the darling of both sustainability advocates and Wall Street, Whole Foods is no longer the unstoppable force of years past. The beleaguered grocer was recently the target of an activist shareholder takeover, and also faces legal, social, and systemic hurdles.

The Honest Company Agrees to $1.55M Settlement Over Detergent

Parents, have you purchased Honest Company detergent for your children’s laundry lately? If so, you might be able to cash in on a nationwide, $1.55 million class action lawsuit that Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company recently agreed to pay for misleading “customers about the ingredients in its laundry detergent, dish soap, and multipurpose cleaner.”

Vietnam Veteran Sues Over VA Treatment

A $15 million lawsuit has been filed in Oklahoma City federal court by George Purifoy, a Vietnam veteran who is alleging that “negligent care at Veterans Affairs medical centers in Oklahoma City and Muskogee caused him facial disfigurement, pain and suffering and a shortened life expectancy.” But what exactly happened to prompt Purifoy to file such a lawsuit? What sort of pain and suffering did he undergo?

Breast Augmentation Photos Posted Without Consent Results in Lawsuit

When visiting any kind of doctor, for whatever reason, many patients expect some level of privacy. Certainly, that’s what a woman expected when she visited a plastic surgeon team for a breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately for her, her surgeons “allegedly posted before-and-after photos of her surgery on their website without her consent,” and now she is suing the south suburban plastic surgeons who operated on her for violating her privacy.