Volkswagen to Submit Plea Deal for Diesel Damage

Volkswagen will plead guilty for criminal misconduct linked to rigging U.S. diesel emissions tests, admitting that 40 employees at both its Volkswagen and Audi brands deleted documents related to the testing and nearly 11 million vehicles around the world could have defeat device software installed designed to circumvent testing.

California Enforces Stricter Cell Phone Laws in 2017

A California law went into effect last week that makes holding onto a cell phone while driving illegal. That means, not only will drivers be unable to talk, text, or email–measures that have already taken effect–but they will be unable to streaming videos, music, or log into their social media accounts.

New York To Debate Statute Of Limitations On Sex Crimes

When it comes to sex crimes, a vast majority of them go unreported. Unfortunately, those that are reported rarely result in justice. In fact, in a report conducted by the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, of the few sexual assaults that are reported each year, only about “9% of rapists get prosecuted. Alarmingly, only 5%

Trump Deposed In Legal Battle Against Chef José Andrés

In a little over two weeks from now, President-elect Donald Trump will officially become our next President. However, his new position as our Commander-in-Chief won’t slow down the handful of lawsuits he’s dealing with on the side, such as the one he’s tangled in right now with D.C. restaurateur and celebrity chef, José Andrés. The

Trump’s Hotel Lawsuit Is Heading To Trial

President-elect Trump is a busy guy. With all the festivities surrounding his looming inauguration, one might be surprised to find out that he’s actually been knee-deep a hotel lawsuit and settlement talks with celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Why? Well, last fall, Zakarian canceled his plans to open a restaurant in Trump’s new 263-room hotel at

New Orleans Announces $13M for Civil Rights Case Settlements

Many families throughout New Orleans have been celebrating since the city recently agreed to pay $13.3 million to settle lawsuits with 17 plaintiffs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the chaos that ensued, these plaintiffs ended up suing the city of New Orleans for wrongful deaths and injuries, deprivation of civil rights and lost