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Man Killed in Kellogg Wreck After Traffic Backed Up from Earlier Fatal Crash

— May 23, 2022

Residents of Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding areas must seek legal counsel in the case of unfortunate accidents.

The Wichita Eagle – A man died in a wreck earlier this month on Kellogg after traffic was backed up from an earlier crash that left one person dead and three others injured, Wichita police spokesman said.

One lane of traffic on the three-lane highway had been opened when the second collision occurred just before 9:30 a.m. The 40-year-old man on a motorcycle was traveling east on Kellogg and on the off-ramp toward Woodlawn when he tried to merge back onto Kellogg. He hit the front passenger side of a truck, was ejected from the motorcycle, and then run over by the driver of the truck.

All three lanes of Kellogg reopened around 10:45 a.m. This was the 16th fatal wreck and 18th fatality of the year, Macy said.

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It’s suggested to do the following:

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  • If you are severely injured, seek medical care.
  • Go to the hospital if medical care is needed.
  • Contact your health insurance provider.
  • Contact your auto insurance provider.
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Residents of Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding areas must seek legal counsel in the case of unfortunate accidents. We can help you seek the legal help you and your family may need in times of adversity.

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