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Marketing for Law Firms: Tips and Strategies You Should Use

— April 4, 2020

The best marketing strategies for law firms include social media marketing to help people’s awareness of your legal services.

Law firms are undoubtedly experts in providing legal advice and services to their clients. However, it doesn’t mean that lawyers are also experts in marketing. When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, social media marketing, and video marketing, these marketing strategies would require careful planning and implementation.

Check out these helpful tips and strategies when marketing your law firm. 

Implement Effective SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization or SEO for law firms include using keyword research for lawyers. Implementing an effective SEO strategy can help your law firm stand out in Google search results and other search engines. 

Here are some helpful SEO tips for law firms:

  • Proper Keyword Placement: Place law-relevant keywords, such as your legal services, in the right areas of your web content, including the title, introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as meta tags (short content description) and alt texts for images and videos. 
  • Write for Your Potential Clients: While you want every article to be SEO optimized, it’s also important to keep in mind that writing for your target clients is also equally important. Even if your web page is on top of search results, your law firm website will fail to capture the interest of online visitors if you have poor content. 
  • Talk to a Law Firm SEO Expert: SEO can be jargon to you, and you’d rather focus on your career or law firm than dealing with SEO marketing. Talking to a law firm SEO agency, like Ardent Growth, can help you achieve your law firm marketing goals without so much stress and hassle.

Video Marketing for Your Law Firm 

According to a statistical report, about 85 percent of all online users in the U.S. watch online video content every month using their smartphones, tablets, and other internet-capable devices. That’s why businesses, including law firms, can take advantage of this marketing strategy to gain more potential clients.

You can kickstart your video marketing campaign on your website, and eventually post videos by creating your YouTube channel or in your social media fan page. Videos make an excellent tool that you can use to broadcast your message to a broader scope of audience.

Here are some key video marketing tips law firms should keep in mind:

  • Share a video about your law firm, what you do or the cases you handle, and who makes up your organization. 
  • Share helpful how-to tutorial videos, such as how to make a legal contract or any law-related tasks that watchers can do on their own to keep them independent. 
  • Sharing an interview with a previous client or with a government representative about legal concerns and cases is also a good idea. Make sure that no confidential information about previous clients gets out, however.
  • Share a video on how a legal procedure works in terms of your specialization or cases handled. 

Social Media Marketing for Law firms

Smartphone with “Social” on the screen & various social media icons, sitting on computer keyboard; image by Geralt, via
Smartphone with “Social” on the screen & various social media icons, sitting on computer keyboard; image by Geralt, via

Many businesses find social media marketing a necessity when developing marketing strategies. Law firms can take advantage of the influence and popularity of social media networks to engage, promote legal services, and attract new clients.

Here are some helpful ways law firms can greatly benefit from social media:

  • Promote Brand Awareness: Many people express their legal concerns online, most especially through social media, to gain more understanding and sympathy from other people. You probably have come across people asking you questions or posting comments about a legal matter. Having a strong social presence can help you get your law firm’s message in front of your right audience, which increases people’s awareness about your legal services. 
  • Potential Client Engagement: People use social media to engage and become educated on emerging issues. Social media can be used to deliver your content to your target audience and eventually route them to your website and seek your legal services. You can answer questions, resolve issues, and provide helpful content through social media networks, like Facebook.
  • Attract New Clients: Law firms can use social media to attract new clients. According to the American Bar Association, 35 percent of law firms or lawyers who utilize social media were able to gain new clients.
  • Showcase Your Legal Expertise: Social media is effective in attracting prospective clients because it helps lawyers showcase their expertise. Sharing helpful videos, articles, and audio files of interviews can increase your authority and trust ratings.


In short, the best marketing strategies for law firms include social media marketing to help people’s awareness of your legal services. Also, search engine optimization or SEO can help your law firm website become highly visible in search results to increased exposure and engagement. On the other hand, video marketing is an effective way to show your legal expertise and attract new clients. Keep these tips in mind and your law firm will be well on its way to gaining more exposure online.

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