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Complete Law Firm Website Launch Checklist

— March 10, 2020

Having a law firm website is an essential asset to the firm. It can improve and maintain a perfect reputation, which is needed by clients. 

After hours and days of consistent programming, designing, and drafting of voluminous content, your law firm website is now ready for launch. It is, however, very crucial that you carry out pre-launch evaluations before officially launching your law firm website. Post-launch assessments should then come after the official launching of the website. 

Doing this will ensure that you come up with a well-designed and beautiful website that reflects a high level of professionalism. Such a website may go a long way in attracting and maintaining clients. 

In this article, I share some of the checks that are beneficial to your law firm website.

1. Carry Out a Content Check

Content check encompasses finding and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes. It is worthwhile to ensure that all the content of your law firm website is free from any such kind of errors. These errors may have severe consequences as they may ruin the reputation of your website. Spelling errors, punctuations, and inappropriate syntax may distract a reader’s experience.

You can hire the services of a professional proof-reader to scrutinize your content and correct any errors that may arise. The editor will be able to align the format of your work and create a tone that is appealing to any website visitor.

2. Security Checks

We live in an era of time when cyberattacks is the most dangerous threat for most websites. Your law firm website is no exception. Malicious attackers are always on the lookout to destroy or steal your legal documents. This is the more reason why you should give your website security a priority.

One fundamental security feature is the installation of a Secure Socket Layer. SSL Certificate is the cornerstone of internet security and secures the data transferred between your law firm website and your clients via the internet. It thus offers critical privacy and data integrity for all the incoming and outgoing data on your website. is a trusted SSL certificate provider that offers different brands and types of SSL certs in affordable price. It’s best to buy cheap comodo ssl certificates that come in low prices with high security. It will secure your customers details and improve trust on your website. 

There are also several other security checks like using strong passwords, hosting company’s security, and spam protection, which are of great value to your law firm website.

Laptop with screen saying, “I design and develop experiences that make people’s lives simple.” Image by Ben Kolde, via
Laptop with screen saying, “I design and develop experiences that make people’s lives simple.” Image by Ben Kolde, via

3. Search Engine Optimization and Analytics Checks

The reason as to why you are creating the law firm website is because you want clients to know and visit the website. Search engine optimization is one way that will help a great deal in creating client traffic to your website. SEO will improve your ranking on google search engines. Yoast is one such tool that can help you create fully optimized content.

After you are done with the SEO work, then it is time to have a Google analytics account. This will keep a record of the visitors to your website. It will help keep track of all activities that pertain to your website, including the number of visitors and the time each visitor spends on the website. This will help you know how efficient your website is.

4. Compatibility Reviews

Compatibility reviews include reviewing whether your website is compatible with the broad range of web browsers that exist today. It involves checking how the website looks on different browsers and making the necessary adjustments in case something is not right.

Compatibility check also establishes how the website responds on different devices like desktops, laptops, and various mobile phones. It would help if you made your law firm website easily accessible from all sorts of devices.

5. Performance Test

This involves checking for the optimal performance of your website. You must ensure that your law firm has high load speeds to minimize clients’ waiting time. Performance tests can be carried out online. 

Any obstacles that are causing the website to underperform should be removed immediately. Performance tests should be done early enough before the official launch.

6. Backup Checks

It is proper to have a backup plan in all situations. The same way your website should have a backup to keep it prepared for any future risks. A website can come under severe attacks and failures that will make it lose the essential information it holds. 

Creating a backup through plugins that automatically backs up your data will be valuable in retrieving lost data. You must have this before finally having your website up and running.

7. Accessibility Checks

A law firm website serves a wide range of people, including those with disabilities such as color blindness. It must be tested to make sure that the needs of all people are taken into consideration.


Having a law firm website is an essential asset to the firm. It can improve and maintain a perfect reputation, which is needed by clients. 

Doing this requires that you perform some checks before finally launching the website.

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