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Massive Recall Issued for JUST Egg Products Over Undeclared Allergens

— June 25, 2021

Earlier this week, the FDA and Cuisine Solutions issued a massive recall for certain JUST Egg products.

If you’re a fan of JUST Egg products, listen up. Earlier this week, a recall was issued for certain packages of sous vide plant egg ‘bites’ from JUST Egg because they may have an “incorrect sealed pouch containing whole-egg and milk products.” Typically, the JUST Egg products don’t contain dairy, so they’re a popular choice for people with allergies or dairy sensitivities. At the moment, more than 80,000 packages of egg products are affected by the recall.

Raw Eggs
Raw Eggs; image courtesy of Couleur via Pixabay,

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), about 80,600 boxes were distributed to retailers across the country. Unfortunately, because they’re mislabeled, people with allergies and dairy sensitivities may consume them and might experience “a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.” Fortunately, there have been no adverse reactions linked to the recall.

For now, Cuisine Solutions, the company the produces the JUST Egg products, is working “with its retail and distribution partners to pull any impacted products from the marketplace.” The company stated:

“Consumers may return for a full refund any incorrect packaging that contained the incorrect product to the retailer where they were purchased.”


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