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Mechanisms to Stimulate Your Conversion Rate on Instagram

— May 27, 2021

Using Instagram for your business operations is not an easy task. You have to constantly assess and reassess your performance so that you can come up with engaging content.

Instagram has come a long way from being a photo-based platform to an emerging social media outlet. It has helped entrepreneurs to drive sales for their businesses and thereby increase their follower base. If you go by recent studies, around two thousand users on Instagram have made purchases depending on Instagram posts. The power of Instagram posts is increasing day by day. It has more than five hundred million users connecting with it every month. However, if you are looking for ways to convert your Instagram followers into loyal customers, you have to go beyond your conventional methods.

Driving your venture on social media platform is very different from that of offline media. An e-commerce business requires you to think out of the box. Plus, shape your posts from the perspective of your clients. Only then can you expect your business profit margins to soar high. However, for improving your post and convincing your users, you have to make an extra effort. It does not come in one day and requires a considerable investment of your time and effort.

Some Tips to Boost the Conversion Rate

The conversion on the Instagram platform is a major driving force behind the posts. The content you publish has to stand out in this competition. Many entrepreneurs are into social media e-commerce businesses. Hence, creating an impact does not come easy.

  • Creation of business account: First and foremost, you have to switch your regular account into a business one. You may be missing out on various key features, which are available on the business account. It will give a boost to your conversion rate and thereby increase your profit margin. Moreover, it will help you measure your performance, and thereby, you can learn how to increase your follower base. You have to enhance your perception regarding the type of post which works well with the follower base. It will help you buy 10 real Instagram likes by making use of different key features. When you are designing your content for sale, you cannot go wrong. By using business accounts, you get the ability to add links to Instagram stories. Your users can use these to get in touch with you directly. Recent survey reports reveal that around 25% of success stories get linked to Instagram story features. By using this attractive and convenient feature, you may attract new customers. However, most individuals are unaware of this characteristic.
  • Link in the bio: By adding a link in your brand’s bio, you may get access to added features. Remember that your post requires attractive and stunning images. In addition to this, it also requires a caption that speaks on behalf of your brand. It attracts the audience and motivates them to take action. For increasing conversion on Instagram, you may tell individuals about how to go about the process. Never leave any stone unturned. By providing detailed information to your followers, you can increase your traffic rate.
  • Instagram live: For boosting sales, there is no alternative to Instagram live. Apart from using videos and photos, you may utilize Instagram live to show your products and services. Live demonstration of your entities will drive your venture towards success. It helps ease your mind and brings smoothness to your marketing operations.

How to Get Back Lost Customers?

Graphic of man holding sign with Instagram icon and followers; image by Mohamed Hassan, via, CC0.
Graphic of man holding sign with Instagram icon and followers; image by Mohamed Hassan, via, CC0.

There are retargeting campaigns that you can run on this platform. It allows you to convert your users into potential customers. It is here that attractive and engaging content plays a crucial role. For drawing the attention of your followers, you cannot compromise on the quality of your content. Moreover, you can engage your clients by sharing user-generated content on your platform. However, for doing this, you must fetch the permission of the user. User-generated content has emerged as an ideal strategy that drives sales. It helps you connect with the influencers. It not only improves your conversion rate but also brings in credibility and trustworthiness in your venture.

Entrepreneurs may face the problem of visitors who take a look at their site and then leave without buying. For tackling this problem, you may take the help of an Instagram retargeting campaign. Keep in mind that potential customers, once lost, will be lost forever. However, with the assistance of Instagram retargeting, you may keep monitoring the users who previously abandoned your site. It creates harmony between you and the follower and thereby drives sales. Going by recent records, it also helps you in showing specific advertisements to the users. For example, suppose you are dealing in shoes. In that case, the visitors may be browsing social media, particularly on the shoe section, when you retarget these followers by using high-quality advertisements on shoes. 

Thus, it reduces the chances of abandoning the website and increases their chance of return. Hence, using Instagram for your business operations is not an easy task. You have to constantly assess and reassess your performance so that you can come up with engaging content.

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