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Are you a fan of Meijer-brand yogurt? If so, this recall notice is for you. Yesterday the popular retailer announced a recall for “select Greek and low-fat yogurt products due to the potential presence of small glass shards.” Fortunately, there have “been no illnesses, injuries or concerns related to the recall,” according to documents the company sent to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the decision to issue the recall only came “after a customer returned a yogurt cup that contained two small pieces of glass.” Despite the dangerous find, Meijer issued a statement saying “the hazard risk to customers is considered low.”
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Cup of Yogurt; image courtesy of
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At the time the recall notice was issued, the retailer claims all “affected products were sold in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.” Customers can tell if they have one of the recalled containers of yogurt by checking the expiration date. All products included in the recall have a March 8, 2018, expiration date, and include the following:
  • Greek Yogurt 0 percent black cherry — UPC 7-08820-12657-2
  • Yogurt Low-fat Blueberry — UPC 7-08820-41513-3
  • Greek Yogurt 0 percent plain — UPC 7-60236-11601-1
  • Greek Yogurt 0 percent vanilla — UPC 7-60236-11603-5
  • Greek Yogurt 0 percent strawberry — UPC 7-60236-12418-4
  • Greek Yogurt 0 percent blueberry — UPC 7-60236-12431-3
If you or someone you know has the recalled yogurt in your refrigerator, the best course of action is to either throw it away or return it to a Meijer store for a refund. If you have questions or concerns related to the recall, contact the retailer at 800-543-3704.


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