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Michigan OWI Laws Drivers Should Know

— April 6, 2023

License suspension is a mandatory penalty drivers must face for an OWI.

There are many laws in Michigan that prohibit drivers from operating their vehicle while in a state of intoxication. These OWI laws need to be taken seriously because once violated, they will lead to jail times, hefty fines, and related penalties for the defendant. 

According to Michigan law, OWI is when a driver decides to operate their vehicle while they have a BAC of .08% or higher, or while they are clearly under the influence of alcohol. The law also states that having any amount of a controlled or illegal drug in the body while operating a vehicle is grounds for an OWI. Once a person is charged with an OWI, it will remain on their record for the next seven years, and this record will be available to the public.

Lawyers who are well-versed in OWI law can help motorists who have been arrested. They will create a strong defense to help individuals get through this difficult period and navigate through the legalities of their case. Those who have been arrested for an OWI should reach out to Detroit OWI lawyers without delay to improve their chances of having a favorable outcome for their case.

Generally speaking, the penalties for an OWI increase as the number of offenses increase. For first-time offenses, drivers are subject to up to 93 days in jail, while for a second time offense they are subject to a year. A third time offense can lead to up to five years in jail alongside one year of community service. Those who are looking for ways to reduce this amount should get in touch with Michigan OWI lawyers right away.

Jail cell; image by Ichigo121212, via Pixaby, CC0.
Jail cell; image by Ichigo121212, via Pixaby, CC0.

Aside from facing jail time, individuals will also be required to pay heavy fines, which increase based on how many prior OWIs the driver has. First time offenses lead to a maximum of $500 of fines, while a third time offense leads to a maximum of $5000 in fines. Those who need help with the legal aspect of their situation should get in touch with experienced OWI lawyers right away.

License Suspensions After an OWI in Detroit, Michigan 

License suspension is a mandatory penalty drivers must face for an OWI. When a person is penalized for a first time offense, they will face 180 days of a license suspension. However, if their BAC was very high, above 0.17%, then their suspension will be for a year. They will also likely face a long license suspension if they fail to give a breath test when prompted by officers.

OWI accident lawyers can educate a person on their rights and inform them of proper procedures so they do not make such mistakes. Connecting with an attorney on time will help drivers better understand the legal process so they are supported during this perplexing time.

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