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What Happens When a Driver Refuses a DWI Test in Charlotte?

— April 6, 2023

Drivers who are confused about what moves to make, or who have already refused the test should get in touch with qualified lawyers right away.

Police officers are always on the lookout for drivers who seem to be operating their vehicle while they are under the influence of alcohol. Drunk drivers are spotted relatively easily to the trained eye of a law enforcement officer due to the mistakes such motorists make when behind the wheel. Once officers are suspicious that a driver is drunk, they will tail the driver with their sirens on and tell the driver to pull over. Drivers should comply calmly and pull their vehicle over as soon as possible when it is safe to do so. 

The officer will need to confirm if their suspicions are correct or not, and the most common route they take to ensure this is they give the driver some basic tests to take. The field tests they request measure one’s stability and are often not prioritized. The main priority of officers is to get a breath test or blood test to measure the level of alcohol in a person’s body. 

The results of the test will then be used in court to determine whether or not the driver was intoxicated and if they should be penalized or let go. It is essential that drivers keep in mind that they have implicitly consented to give their BAC in such a situation when they first got their license. If drivers fail to take the test and they refuse the officer, then they will face an immediate 30 day revocation on their license, and an additional one year revocation will be imposed on them after the hearing takes place. Even if a person is found not to be guilty of DUI, they will still have their license revoked for the year for refusing to take the test so such actions should be thought over carefully before carrying them out.

Bike lane; image by Flo Karr, via
Bike lane; image by Flo Karr, via

Drivers who are confused about what moves to make, or who have already refused the test should get in touch with qualified lawyers right away so they can learn more about the legal options available to them for their particular situation.

Charlotte DWI lawyers are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to guide a person through the intricate matters of their situation that pertain to the law, and they can support the motorist through the process. North Carolina DWI lawyers can also investigate the arrest process to see if any of the rights of the individual were violated. If the officer did not follow proper procedure during the arrest, then there are greater chances that the charges can be dropped. 

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Drivers who are arrested for DWI should reach out to DWI lawyers as soon as possible. The sooner DWI accident lawyers start investigating their case, the greater their chances become of walking away from court with fewer penalties or even dropped charges. 

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