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Minneapolis Sheriff Convicted of DUI Won’t Seek Re-Election

— May 19, 2022

Before becoming sheriff, he was a sergeant with Metro Transit police.

U.S. News – A Minneapolis sheriff who was convicted of DUI in February has decided not to seek re-election in November. The Hennepin County Sheriff faced calls for his resignation for crashing his county-issued sport utility vehicle in December after drinking at a conference in Alexandria. His blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit.

The sheriff said initially that he had no plans to step down. However, he said in a statement Wednesday that he would not run again, the Star Tribune reported.

Additionally, he was convicted of fourth degree driving while intoxicated and agreed as part of his plea deal to undergo random drug and alcohol testing. He was ordered to abstain from drinking alcohol. He took office in 2018 after narrowly defeating longtime incumbent Rich Stanek, who recently announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for governor. 

Before becoming sheriff, he was a sergeant with Metro Transit police.

Why Driving Under the Influence can ruin your career and livelihood. 

A DUI can cause issues beyond the wheel that could have been prevented. These types of accidents are typically more dangerous than those with cars. Due to the clumsy nature of DUIs, these types of accidents can become worse than in regular conditions. DUIs typically cause more damage than sober driving and they usually cause additional damage upon impact.

Image of a Car Accident
Car Accident; image courtesy of valtercirillo via Pixabay,

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It’s suggested to do the following:

  • Remain calm and get to a safe place.
  • Call 9/11.
  • Document the collision with your smartphone with photos, videos, audio recordings, and more.
  • If you are severely injured, seek medical care.
  • Go to the hospital if medical care is needed.
  • Contact your health insurance provider.
  • Contact your auto insurance provider.
  • Contact a Minneapolis, Minnesota DUI Attorney as soon as possible.

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