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Nationwide Kale Recall Expands, Now Includes Kroger Brand

— September 23, 2021

Kroger is joining a multi-state kale recall amid listeria concerns.

Kroger Kale
Kroger Kale; image courtesy of the FDA,

Last week, a recall was issued for certain packages of kale from Baker Farms. Now, that recall is being expanded to now include certain Kroger brand 16-ounce bags of the leafy greens because they may be contaminated with Listeria. The worry is that some consumers may have the product in their homes because the ‘Best-by’ date has not yet passed.

For now, consumers who have the products should not eat them and should either throw them away or return them for a refund. According to the recall notice, the affected products were distributed to Kroger stores in the following states: Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The product details are as follows:

  • 16-ounce bag of Kroger branded kale
  • Product UPC: 11110-18170 
  • BEST BY: 09-18-2021

Fortunately, there have been no reported illnesses linked to the consumption of these kale products.

Last week, the following products from Baker Farms were recalled:

Product Size UPC Production
Baker Farms Kale 1 lb 8 13098 02001 6 107020-21832 09-18-2021
Kroger Kale 1 lb 0 11110 18170 1 107020-21832 09-18-2021
SEG Grocers Kale 1 lb 0 38259 11482 7 107020-21832 09-18-2021

Listeria monocytogenes can cause serious illnesses, though. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with a weakened immune system are most vulnerable to infection. Symptoms may include the following: high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.


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