9th Circuit to Debate California’s Death Penalty

The hearing also comes as California begins resuming executions this fall, introducing a new single-drug lethal injection procedure. The state had issued a defacto suspension of executions since 2006, joining many states’ concerns over the effectiveness and pain level of the established injection substances. It also comes just weeks after Connecticut’s Supreme Court commuted all of its condemned prisoners’ death sentences to life without parole. Voters in that state abolished the death penalty in 2012; however the law that was adopted only abolished it for future crimes, not for those already sentenced.

Native Americans Make an Amnesty Offer to 240M Illegals

Native Americans have patiently dealt with an ever-growing problem for centuries: illegal immigration. That patience has finally run out. NANC, a group of Native American leaders, has decided to make an amnesty offer to 240M illegals. This generous offer gives those hear illegally the opportunity to become citizens of the First Nation. Reservations are being prepared for those who choose to accept the offer.

Judge Orders Release of Detained Immigrant Children

Gee had already found DHS in violation of the agreement in July, with the most recent ruling being a stern rebuttal of the government’s request to reconsider the ruling. DHS has argued that complying with the agreement would lead to a large influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border; however Gee called the argument “repackaged and reheated,” saying it was “speculative,” and equating it to “fearmongering.”

Public Strip Search

Allan Sergeant recently filed a federal civil rights suit against the Laurel, Maryland police department and two of its officers. He claims that he was stopped for no just cause and subjected to an illegal search and seizure which included a public strip search.

Complaint Filed Against Texas Judge Gone Wild

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, an organization committed to the separation of church and state, filed a complaint against Judge Randall Rogers with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct in Austin last Friday. Rogers is the judge gone wild who ordered a man to marry his girlfriend or go to jail.

Civil Rights Founding Father Julian Bond Dies at 75

In a statement on Sunday President Obama called Bond “a hero and, I’m privileged to say, a friend.” Citing Bond’s long resume, Obama continued, “Julian Bond helped change this country for the better. And what better way to be remembered than that.”

Illinois Passes Large-Scale Police Conduct Reform

Rauner, a Republican, worked alongside the bill’s primary sponsor, Chicago Democratic State Senator Kwame Raoul, as well as with police unions throughout the state to turn the reform into law. Rauner praised the bipartisan effort, saying in a statement, “As a society, we must ensure the safety of both the public and law enforcement. SB 1304 establishes new and important guidelines and training for police departments and their officers, while protecting the public by prohibiting officers from using excessive force.

Connecticut High-Court Rules against Death Penalty

The Connecticut legislature voted in 2012 to abolish the death penalty, however, that measure only affected future crimes committed in the state. Calling it unconstitutional, Associate Justice Richard Palmer wrote the majority opinion, stating that the death penalty “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any legitimate penological purpose.”

Judges Gone Wild!

It must be something in the water pitchers most judges have at the bench. East Texas Judge Randall Rogers pulled a modern-day shotgun wedding by making a man marry his 19-year-old girlfriend. He also had to write Bible verses, similar to a naughty child writing sentences on the chalkboard (think The Simpsons, for those to