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OneTrust, SafeGuard Privacy Partner to Enhance Compliance Standards

— June 5, 2024

Data privacy leaders announce collaboration to allow users to incorporate IAB Diligence Platform vendor assessments into the OneTrust platform.

OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, has announced a groundbreaking integration with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Diligence Platform, powered by SafeGuard Privacy. This pioneering collaboration enables OneTrust users to seamlessly incorporate IAB Diligence Platform vendor assessments into the OneTrust platform, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and accountability in the digital advertising sector while ensuring adherence to data privacy compliance standards.

The IAB and SafeGuard Privacy, a SaaS-based compliance platform, introduced the IAB Diligence Platform in January at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. This partnership aims to streamline privacy diligence across the digital advertising industry, leveraging interoperability to facilitate secure and dynamic sharing of critical diligence information among companies. This initiative fosters collaboration and bolsters regulatory adherence in the digital landscape.

Blake Brannon, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at OneTrust, stated, “We are at an inflection point where managing your data responsibly has never been more complex or more mission critical. To grow and thrive in this data-centric era, organizations need a foundation to discover, secure, and responsibly use data – across the entire enterprise, throughout the entire data lifecycle, and with context from all risk angles.” He highlighted the importance of this integration, adding “The continued expansion of state privacy laws in the US is creating an increasingly fractured and challenging regulatory landscape. New requirements around vendor due diligence are especially difficult for digital advertising companies who often work with thousands of partners. We’re proud to lead the way as the first company integrating with the IAB Diligence Platform, powered by SafeGuard Privacy, to help our customers drive scalable and efficient data privacy programs.”

OneTrust, SafeGuard Privacy Partner to Enhance Compliance Standards
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Michael Hahn, EVP & General Counsel at IAB, expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “OneTrust is a leader in privacy and compliance, and we’re excited to have it as the first IAB Diligence Platform partner integration. The partnership makes it easier for OneTrust’s clients to use both compliance platforms seamlessly. In doing so, it is helping to raise the bar for industry-wide diligence standards and showing that industry tools and privacy tools can—and should—work together to make diligence more efficient and effective for both sides of the ad transaction.”

The integration provides OneTrust users with a powerful set of capabilities to streamline digital advertising privacy compliance. The IAB Diligence Platform offers interoperability with any privacy program management solution, identifying potential legal violations and presenting remediation solutions. The platform is also auditable for compliance, with IAB aiming for all its members to utilize it.

OneTrust unlocks the full potential of data and AI, securely and responsibly, to ensure compliance standards are upheld. The platform enforces secure data handling, empowering organizations to innovate responsibly while mitigating risks. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions across data and AI security, privacy, governance, risk, ethics, and compliance, OneTrust enables seamless collaboration between data and risk teams to foster rapid and trusted innovation. Recognized as the market leader in trust, OneTrust serves over 14,000 customers globally.

Back in 2022, the company it was making enhancements across its Trust Intelligence Platform, giving its customers “the visibility, control, intelligence, and efficiency needed to make trust a competitive advantage.” Brannon explained at the time, “Trust is quickly becoming a top priority for business leaders, and they are looking for a whole new level of automation to scale their programs.” This latest move marks another step in that direction.

Founded in 2018 by technology and privacy experts, SafeGuard Privacy offers a platform for comprehensive privacy compliance standards and collaboration. The platform provides independent assessments, policy wizards, training, secure document storage, real-time reporting, and true auditing features. Its Vendor Compliance Hub simplifies the industry RFI process, aiding vendors in demonstrating privacy compliance and mitigating third-party liability. For more information, visit SafeGuard Privacy.


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