GM Recall; Image Courtesy of Associated Press,

It seems like every few days a new vehicle is being recalled for one reason or another. So what is the lucky vehicle this time? Well, there are two. General Motors recently issued a worldwide recall of 107,000 sports cars, specifically the 2006 to 2010 Pontiac Solstice and the 2007 to 2010 Saturn Sky. Why was the recall issued? Apparently, a faulty Passenger Airbag Suppression System (PPS) sensor in the vehicles is responsible for the GM recalls because it can “disable the front passenger airbag.”

Considering the fact that both of these vehicles are older sports cars and aren’t even being made anymore, one can’t help but wonder why this recall is just now being issued. Did it really take so long to discover the faulty sensor? It would seem. But how was the problem found in the first place? What led to the recall?

For starters, the “recall came after an owner petitioned the government seeking an investigation.” According to government documents, the investigation found that “a sensor that determines if a child is sitting in the passenger seat can bend and become damaged over time.” So what does this mean? Well, it can ultimately result in an electrical circuit being opened that causes “the car to turn off the airbag.” As you can imagine, this would make it extremely unsafe for anyone riding in the passenger seats of the recalled vehicles.

2009 Pontiac Solstice; Image Courtesy of Alfa img,
2009 Pontiac Solstice; Image Courtesy of Alfa img,

Fortunately, General Motors hasn’t heard of “any crashes or injuries” due to the faulty sensor. And while the company has yet to develop a repair for the problem, they intend to keep owners of the recalled vehicles notified with updates as they become available.

For now, if you or someone you know owns a recalled Pontiac Solstice or Saturn Sky, it is highly recommended that you contact “Pontiac customer service at 1-800-762-2737 or Saturn customer service at 1-800-553-6000.” For reference, GM’s recall number is 17036.


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