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Report Sheds Light on Some of the Nation’s Deadliest Roads

— February 23, 2023

FindByPlate releases its list of America’s most dangerous routes.

The U.S. has some of the most traveled and well-maintained roadways in the world. Not all these, however, are safe for traveling. Some have become known as the nation’s deadliest roads, seeing their fair share of crashes and fatalities, as recently reported by FindByPlate.

These deadly conditions can be rural areas, where motorists disregard the rules of the road and safe driving goes out the window. Instead, the open lanes of back-country thorough-ways lead to a need for speed, road rage and racing, substance use behind the wheel, distracted driving, and practicing other accident-prone activities not as often seen in the nation’s more well-traveled parts.

Or the same conditions could pertain to America’s more well-known drag-ways found in highly populated areas. These roads are downright deadly because of the sheer number of motorists traveling them and certain design flaws that seem not to support this traffic. Again, distracted driving and other dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors can cause fatalities in busy locales, too.

No matter where these roads reside, one thing’s for sure – it’s best to steer clear altogether.  So, to better prepare motorists, let’s take a closer look at FindByPlate’s latest findings. Buckle up, it could get bumpy!

Report Sheds Light on Some of the Nation's Deadliest Roads
Photo by Vladimir Kudinov from Pexels

First on the list is U.S. Route 1 in Florida. This road runs along the coast, and its scenic views make for a popular tourist route. However, its popularity also has a lot to do with its narrow lanes, sharp curves, and high-speed traffic, leading to an especially dangerous drive.

Another deadly road is U.S. Route 550 in Colorado, also known as the ‘Million Dollar Highway.’ Narrow and winding lanes run through the Rocky Mountains – a scenic view, but one also wrought with danger due to lane size, steep drops, hairpin turns, and limited visibility.

Back in Florida, Interstate 4 is, too, notorious for its accident rates. High speed limits and heavy congestion make it difficult to drive. Also worth mentioning, much of the stretch runs right through densely populated areas, meaning pedestrian crossing is likely despite the hustle and bustle of the road.

Interstate 10 in Arizona is another deadly roadway. This major east-west highway runs through the Sonoran Desert, and its long, straight (perhaps, boring to some?) stretches are not recommended for tired or otherwise distracted drivers. Taking advantage of the lack of scenery is what could ultimately lead to a crash.

U.S. Route 17 in South Carolina is also a dangerous road. This route runs along the coast and through several small towns, making its high-speed limits and heavy congestion hazardous for any driver.

The Taconic State Parkway in New York is a scenic route that runs through the Hudson Valley. However, its narrow lanes, sharp curves, and high speeds also make it a hazardous stretch.

Parts of Interstate 15, that runs through both Utah and Nevada, encounter mountainous terrain, and its steep grades and sharp curves make it hard for trucks and other large vehicles to maneuver on.

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana also offers a fairly scenic drive. This causeway spans nearly 24 miles over Lake Pontchartrain. Sounds nice on paper, but the road is actually riddled with narrow lanes, high-speed traffic, and frequent crosswinds, all blatant red flags.

Interstate 45 in Texas is also on the list. This major north-south highway runs through heavily populated areas. Couple this with some dense traffic, and this makes for a very difficult situation for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

Highway 2 in Montana is another treacherous road despite being a scenic route. The freeway runs through mountainous terrain, and its steep grades, sharp curves, and narrow lanes are not advised for trucks and other large vehicles.

Moving onto Interstate 285 in Georgia, this road runs around the perimeter of Atlanta. The highway gets congested as a result, and high-speed traffic often causes crashes.

Finally, some recognize the James Dalton Highway in Alaska as one of the most remote, yet dangerous stretches in America. The unpaved road runs through the Arctic wilderness, and its harsh weather conditions, limited access to emergency services, and rough terrain all contribute to its not-so-great reputation.

So, there we have it. The roads listed above are just some of the deadliest in the nation. And while some are more well-known, those lesser-known roadways may make these list-makers all that more fatal to unsuspecting motorists.

Safety experts continue their efforts and appeals to improve the deadliest areas. They’re calling on the government for better infrastructure, improved traffic management, and stricter speed limits, which will reduce the risk of crashes and ultimately make the roads safer for everyone.


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