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Reputation of Wisconsin Ginseng Farm Destroyed Due to Sexual Harassment

— December 14, 2021

When they threatened to report this individual, all of these female workers were summarily fired.

A farm in Wisconsin famous for creating ginseng products now faces a disastrous controversy, as many of its workers have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment. Not only were these workers harassed, but they were also sexually assaulted. This is another example of how vulnerable farm workers can be in the United States, and more needs to be done in order to protect these people from further harm. A sexual harassment lawsuit in Wisconsin is often the only way to address the issue directly. 

If you have been sexually harassed at your workplace in Madison, Wisconsin, you should get in touch with a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you file a lawsuit against guilty parties. You can also sue your employer for failing to protect you against harassment. Your lawsuit can provide you with a considerable settlement for a wide range of damages, including humiliation, indignity, and emotional anguish. 

Baumann Farms Sued

On September 16th of 2021, it was reported that Baumann Farms in central Wisconsin was being sued for sexual harassment and sexual assault. Several female workers came forward with shocking claims. They are now seeking back pay and punitive damages, and they are being assisted by the EEOC. 

The Details of the Lawsuit

These female workers claim that a male worker made unwanted sexual advances toward them, sent them nude photographs of himself, and repeatedly groped them at work. The most tragic detail from this story is how they were retaliated against. When they threatened to report this individual, all of these female workers were summarily fired. These incidents took place during a period that lasted over a year, lasting from early 2018 to August of 2019, when they were terminated.

Image by Wannapik Studios.
Image by Wannapik Studios.

In addition, these female workers claim that they were required to speak English at all times, which they claim is discriminatory since they are Hispanic individuals. Federal guidelines state that employers can require employees to speak English, but only when it is necessary for them to work safely and efficiently. In addition, it is illegal to terminate employees for reporting instances of sexual harassment. This is a major blow to Baumann Farms, which has been in operation since 1978. The EEOC is requesting a jury trial, during which they will seek back pay and punitive damages for these fired female workers. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching Madison for a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney, there are many legal professionals waiting to assist you. With their help, you can file a lawsuit, pursue justice, and hold negligent parties accountable. In addition, you can recover a considerable settlement for your damages. Reach out and book your consultation with one of these attorneys today. 

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