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Robert Trosten Presents Top Online Business Tools for Speeding up Your Business Growth

— March 9, 2021

Focus on building a competent and effective online suite for helping your business thrive in today’s highly-competitive business scenario.

Understanding the underlying secrets of business growth is the stepping stone to success. By taking advantage of technology, your business can soar to incredible heights. Successful organizations stay abreast of the latest developments in the digital world for keeping track of technological innovations. A tech-savvy entrepreneur will be opting for cutting-edge business tools to take his business to the next level. You can make all the difference by using the right set of tools for your business.

Business Tools Recommended by Robert Trosten

Google Slides

It is an amazing tool in Google’s suite. Forbes says that it is a free tool for creating Pitch decks, and PowerPoint and to go about collaborating seamlessly on them with both your consultants and your team. This tool is easy for creating, updating, and presenting while you are busy looking for and raising funds. Google Slides is known to integrate with Microsoft. It can be used effectively for creating videos of all your presentations. This tool is supposed to be a presentation program, and it is a part of web-based free Google Docs Editors presented by Google. This service includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google Keep, and Google Sites.


Website analytics results; image by, via
Website analytics results; image by, via

Content is truly the king, and presenting the right content seems to be integral to business success. With countless pieces of content online, how can you understand which content will resonate with your business? BuzzSumo analytics tools provide the perfect answers. You can focus on exploring high-performing content, identifying influencers, conducting data analysis, and monitoring social activity.


Acquire is supposed to be an Omnichannel client engagement platform for assisting you in improving the customer experience. Your client-facing teams can use this platform for handling a much higher volume of customer queries and requests. You can achieve better sales conversions more effectively and quickly.

Acquire offers a unique conversational sales chatbot that goes a long way in helping your team by attracting website visitors and collecting vital information. It proves helpful in saving both valuable resources and time and gain more relevant and targeted sales conversations. Acquire is capable of boosting customer support and ensuring that your customers remain loyal to you.


Several business owners have a tough time reconciling their financial records. It can be quite overwhelming to deal with humungous numbers. That is precisely where cutting-edge business tools such as ZipBooks come into the picture. It is free and versatile accounting software that is great for dealing with all number-related requirements in your business. It is a trusted tool to fine-tune checks and balances. Moreover, it boasts intelligence-driven software that provides valuable insights on performance for guiding all your interactions with your clients. Human errors are known to be inevitable.

We understand that checks and balances could be quite a delicate matter, and businesses should not leave it to the employees alone as they may commit some mistakes due to oversight. Robert Trosten says that thanks to ZipBooks and its automated bookkeeping feature, you can ensure that accounts payable, recurring expenses, and all other financial transactions can be recorded effectively.


You may choose one or more of the above-discussed business tools to take your business to the next level. Focus on building a competent and effective online suite for helping your business thrive in today’s highly-competitive business scenario.

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