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The Role of Paralegals – The Most Vital Link Between Attorneys and Clients

— November 15, 2023

Paralegals must possess the skills to explain complex legal terms and phrases lucidly.

To serve clients satisfactorily, attorneys and lawyers need to communicate and explain complex legal matters to them in a common man’s language with the assistance of a litigation paralegal professional. Paralegal professionals are indispensable members of the legal team comprising of attorneys or lawyers duly supported by qualified and trained paralegals and legal assistants. Paralegals have the necessary qualifications, usually a degree in paralegal studies or associated fields, and might often acquire some professional certification. While the major tasks of paralegals revolve around conducting legal research, interviewing witnesses, case preparation, drafting legal documents, and assisting with trial preparation, they play a major role in communicating the progress of the case with clients. They even help in pre-litigative work, which is also very important.

Communication is critical

Litigation cases are not only of various types, but the complexities are also too many. Although gathering facts about the case and organizing these are important, it is perhaps more important to keep clients posted about the developments as well as the twists and turns of cases. The paralegals have to communicate effectively with their attorneys and even the clients to ensure that all stakeholders are on board and share similar perspectives about the case, especially for important legal issues. The task is far from easy because misinterpreting a few simple words can prove detrimental to the case in the courtroom. On the other side, keeping the clients aware of the legal procedure is extremely critical, and paralegals must possess the skills to explain complex legal terms and phrases lucidly. It raises awareness about the rights of clients who can then fight for justice.

Two men and two women sitting at table in meeting; image by Edmond Dantès, via
Two men and two women sitting at table in meeting; image by Edmond Dantès, via

Using the system for maximum benefit

Another important role of paralegals is to ensure maximum benefits for clients by using the legal system intelligently. Most people find it hard to comprehend technical legal procedures. It is even more difficult for them to present their problem in accordance with the legal perspective. Paralegals shoulder the responsibility of playing the role of an interlocutor who can help clients lend a relevant legal perspective to their problems. By using the knowledge of law, paralegals can simplify things for the common man so that they can navigate the legal landscape with ease.

Injustices vs. illegalities

Although people have a common perception of seeking justice in the court, the fact is that the law does not deal with injustices but instead with illegalities.

Therefore, paralegals, being aware of what to expect from courts, must sensitize their clients about the scope of the law so that they do not have any false expectations. Setting the right expectations is important to avoid future disappointments due to a lack of understanding about the concept of law taking its own course. Being aware of the gap in understanding, paralegals use their skills and knowledge to maximize the benefits by craftily using the system.

Knowing that courts step in only if there is a legal violation, paralegals are not only skillful in adding a legal perspective to some social issues but can even make out a legal case from a social problem by becoming the most vital link between attorneys and clients.

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