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The Role of Personal Injury Lawyers in Ensuring Clients Get Proper Compensation

— October 15, 2021

The personal injury lawyer who handles your case plays an extended role beyond discharging the legal duties.

Personal injury laws give the right to the victims to claim compensation for damages suffered due to the accident or incident. Claiming compensation after a car accident in Austin, TX, constitutes most of the personal injury cases. Soon after the victim recovers from the initial shock of the incident and comes to terms with the circumstances, they should consult a personal injury lawyer. The first meeting with the lawyer is most important to make the lawyer understand the case in detail that helps evaluate the merit of the case and decide on the course of action. Unless the lawyer finds enough merit in the case, they will not proceed with it. 

Since personal injury lawyers claim their fees only after successful settlement to the client’s satisfaction, known as contingency fee agreement, they only take up cases that have high chances of winning. However, the outcome depends on how the lawyer presents the case and fixes responsibility for the accident.

Holding the offender responsible

Car accidents usually involve two or more vehicles that collide and injure the passengers and drivers, while some people may even escape completely unhurt. When someone suffers injuries from a car accident and wants to file a compensation claim, the lawyer representing the person (plaintiff) must adequately prove the wrongdoing of the other party involved in the accident. The lawyer must conclusively hold that party responsible for the accident that caused the damages and injuries. Unless the plaintiff’s lawyer can strongly prove that the other driver was negligent and irresponsible that caused the accident, there is no way that the claimant can obtain any compensation for the damages and injuries. 

The role of a personal injury lawyer

The personal injury lawyer who handles your case plays an extended role beyond discharging the legal duties. The lawyer becomes so involved with the case that they take complete charge of the client to ensure that the client receives proper medical treatment and monitors the progress to ensure adequate recovery. If needed, the lawyer consults expert physicians to speed up the process of recovery because so that the compensation claim includes all expenses incurred until the time the client regains normalcy. No matter how long it might take to recover, it is important to claim all treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation costs. Then only will it ensure fair compensation as the claimant need not pay anything out of pocket. 

Arrange for interim compensation

An FMRI brain scan. Image via Wikimedia Commons/user:DrOONeil. (CCA-BY-3.0).

Brain injuries or spinal cord injuries are too severe and complex as there is no certainty about how well patients respond to the treatment and how good the chances of recovery are. Besides long-term medical treatment, the lawyer must reinforce the case by arranging for experts to testify. The longer is the treatment and allied legal process; the more are the expenses and longer it takes to file the compensation claim. 

In such cases, to help the plaintiff with intermittent funds, the lawyer prays for interim compensation so that the client can carry on with the treatment. 

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