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Business Launches Call Intelligence for Companies to Better Track and Use Metadata to Improve Business Performance

— November 17, 2021

Virtual receptionist service’s new business intelligence software visualizes key phone call metrics., a leading virtual receptionist service, announced the launch of new business intelligence (BI) tools to help businesses track and analyze phone call metadata. clients will now be able to view data obtained from phone calls in their own Call Dashboard in the form of graphs, pie charts, and tables, giving them a simple, intuitive way to evaluate the impact phone calls have on their business. The new dashboard features make it easy for clients to visualize who called, for what reason, and what actions were taken on each call — eliminating the need to manually analyze call trends.  

For businesses focused on improving client service, marketing campaign performance, and resource allocation to business communication channels, the new dashboard is a major efficiency gain. Because call analytics are displayed automatically, clients no longer need to manually export calls into a spreadsheet or review call data in their CRM to produce up-to-date data visualizations and analyze past and current performance. 

The fact that, unlike most other answering services, charges per-call, not per-minute, also makes it far easier to interpret the data. Case in point: A business running a marketing campaign is concerned with new callers, not new “minutes.” distinguishes not just callers, but also their type, such as “new lead” and “existing client,” instantly identifying net-new phone leads for the business to count towards campaign results.

The new dashboard reveals a wealth of details about calls handled by receptionists, including whether an appointment was scheduled, a payment was taken, or the call included a warm phone transfer. Clients logging in to their BI dashboard immediately see an overview of their call history, and can quickly drill down into data visualizations that reveal call volume, blocked calls, call disposition, actions taken, and other essential metrics. Data visualizations deliver key insights into conversation intelligence, providing business owners and operators with a clear understanding of the relationship between call metadata and business performance.

Clients can track relative volumes of calls over time by caller type — which can be segmented by day, week, or month for this year or last year — and use drop-down menus to filter information by status, disposition, and priority. An option to view or hide spam calls is also available, helping clients understand how many nuisance calls has blocked for free on their behalf in a given time period. 

Clients can also access complete details for individual calls, including caller contact information, call summary notes from the receptionist, and metadata on the call itself. All of these tools and more can be used to track business activities and outcomes, month-to-month or year-to-year. 

Adjacent to the dashboard within the Client Portal are user-friendly tools for adjusting account-level call-handling settings and preferences, so whatever insights are gleaned from the metadata can instantly be used by the business client to adjust the course of action on the very next call.

“Small business operators have been asking for insight to help maximize their return on investment in our front-end business services, so we created a new business intelligence tool that takes the data we’re collecting and puts it into easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Our business clients can now immediately see the results they are achieving over time and make precise and timely adjustments based on their call data,” said Aaron Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of “These new data visualization features are unique in the industry, and give our clients a much better way to monitor and analyze key metrics for each business service they outsource to our receptionists. With zero training, our clients can use our Call Intelligence tools to refine their decision-making to optimize results.”  

The new BI service is free for new and existing clients, and it is available for use now, within every client’s Call Dashboard. Some elements are in the process of being applied across accounts, so clients who don’t see all visualizations soon will, with even more features coming soon.

Man checking data on laptop; image by Content Creators, via
Man checking data on laptop; image by Content Creators, via

Ari Haas is the CEO of Dijy, a New Jersey-based marketing agency and reseller, who remarked, “Great business technology is all about integration and data visualization. This new dashboard from ties it all together beautifully by sharing a visual pulse of your company’s call volume, call types, and how each call was handled — eliminating the need to export files and slice-and-dice to visualize elsewhere.”

The launch of’s new Call Intelligence tools follows on the heels of the company’s recent announcement of a new partnership with MyCase, one of the leading legal practice management solutions. integrates with thousands of other industry-leading programs, as well, including CRM, marketing automation software, and scheduling systems, which mean clients’ call activities are accessible within HubSpot, Salesforce, Clio, Lawmatics, and much more. The integration with these third-party systems, both natively and through integration platforms like Zapier, combined with a host of capabilities including conflict checks, spam blocking, and appointment scheduling, to mention just a few, provide the optimum virtual receptionist solution for businesses. 

About is a superior virtual receptionist service for businesses, many of which are small to medium service-based operations in the U.S. and Canada. Our live, North America-based receptionists answer calls, texts, and website chats; qualify leads; intake new clients; book appointments; and accept payments, for improved responsiveness, happier clients, and better marketing results, 24/7. To learn more, visit

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