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What Illegal Actions are Considered Violent Crimes in Punta Gorda?

— November 17, 2021

Those who attempt to destroy property intentionally through any kind of fire or explosions can face serious penalties.

Punta Gorda, FLViolent crime is taken seriously by law enforcement in Florida and every other state in the country. Most violent crimes are charged as felonies, which means that there is the potential for a harsh sentence and other conditions aside from jail time. Because these types of charges will be pursued aggressively by prosecutors, it is important for anyone who has been arrested to have adequate representation from a defense attorney. 


The difference between theft and robbery is that robbery is a forceful taking of any item in another person’s custody or possession, where theft crimes do not have a violent aspect. There are also various types of robbery, including armed robbery if a weapon is involved, or strong arm robbery that happens when the suspect threatens the victim. Crimes involving both robbery and possession of a firearm or robbery with a firearm have mandatory minimum sentences that can range between ten and twenty five years. 

Assault and battery crimes

Various kinds of illegal and intentional hitting or attempting to strike another person have been codified into the Florida statutes. Just like in the case of robbery, use of a weapon during an assault and battery crime can greatly enhance the sentence due to the possibility of death or serious injuries. Crimes such as aggravated battery are likely to have a long sentence attached. There is also the possibility that a domestic violence charge may carry a sentence that is comparable to other kinds of assault and battery. 

Fires, explosions, and arson

Fire; image courtesy of Hans via Pixabay,

Those who attempt to destroy property intentionally through any kind of fire or explosions can face serious penalties. The laws against arson apply to any structure within the state, whether it is occupied or not. Even other kinds of property like vessels and airplanes are protected under the state’s arson laws. 

Crimes against children

There are various statutes that protect children from physical violence, kidnapping, neglect, and other forms of abuse. 

There are criminal defense attorneys who can assist with the process of representation for anyone who has been charged with a crime. O’Halloran and Foley is a trusted resource for people who need legal help. 

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