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Some Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Delray Beach

— November 7, 2022

Drivers should avoid very sudden braking when possible.

Delray Beach, FL – The roads in Florida can be a dangerous place for motorcyclists, as each year many crashes happen, and people riding motorcycles are injured or killed. There are some common reasons why these kinds of incidents happen, and safety precautions can help reduce the possibility of a collision. If anyone has been hurt in the accident, it is possible that they will retain legal representation and try to sue the person responsible for their injuries. 

Crashes during lane changes

Both motorcyclists and drivers of standard cars should be careful when making lane changes to ensure that the area is clear. However, if a driver makes a lane change too quickly or without looking to their side, it is easy for a motorcycle to get caught by a driver who made a sudden movement. Some motorcyclists also change lanes excessively and weave between cars in the lanes, which increases the likelihood of a crash during the lane change. Blind spots in the rear corners of vehicles are another common issue with accidents happening during lane changes. 

Cyclists who split lanes

Motorcyclists are supposed to maintain a lane in a similar fashion to all other vehicles under Florida law. When a motorcyclist rides in between lanes of traffic this practice is called lane splitting. It is illegal in Florida and it is another one of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes. Despite the illegality of this practice, it is a regular sight on Florida’s roads.

A motorcyclist in an aggressive lane-splitting situation. Image taken by Ryan J. Farrick.
A motorcyclist in an aggressive lane-splitting situation. Image taken by Ryan J. Farrick.

Stopping short

Drivers should avoid very sudden braking when possible. This will give the other drivers nearby time to stop as well. If a driver is following closely behind a motorcyclist, it is possible that their vehicle will hit the bike from the rear. This can result in serious or fatal injuries if the rider’s body is ejected from the vehicle. 

Drivers who cannot see the cyclist

While someone is driving around, cars, trucks, and other larger vehicles are much more visible than motorcyclists. It is likely that a driver simply did not see a motorcycle in the moments before a crash happened. Both car drivers and motorcyclists should always try to keep a safe distance from other vehicles to help prevent these kinds of collisions. 

Meeting with a local attorney

The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg is a firm that helps accident victims in the Delray Beach area. Motorcyclists and other drivers who need more information can get in touch with their attorneys to learn more.

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