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Stino da Naplio’s Recalls 11,392 Pounds of Assorted Meat Products

— January 24, 2019

Stino da Naplio’s is recalling 11,392 pounds of different meat products after an investigation discovered the products were being sold without undergoing a proper federal inspection.

Stino da Naplio’s, based in Rocky River, recently issued a recall of nearly 11,392 pounds of assorted meat sauce and ready-to-eat meat products that were “produced, packed and distributed without federal inspection,” according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). Not sure if you have some of these recalled products in your home? Well, according to the recall notice, the products were produced between November 30, 2017, and December 20, 2018.

Image of the USDA Logo
USDA Logo; image courtesy of Hamiltonham via Wikimedia Commons,

To better identify whether you have some of the recalled products, take a peek at the following list included with the recall notice:

  • 24-oz (1.5-lbs.) jarred pasta sauce containing “Stino Da Napoli Gourmet Meat Sauce Bolognese” with lot code 181284000013.
  • 24-oz. (1.5 lbs.) jarred pasta sauce containing “Stino Da Napoli Gourmet Pasta Sauce with Bacon Fumo Del Vesuvio” with lot code 181284000303.
  • 1.3-lb. packages containing “Stino’s GOURMET ITALIAN FOODS MEATBALLS” with lot code 181284000167.
  • 1.2-lb. packages containing “Stino’s GOURMET ITALIAN FOODS MEAT LASAGNA” with lot code 181284000150.

The issue itself was discovered back on January 15 “when an investigator visited a farmer’s market in Solon and observed products produced by Stino Da Napoli being offered for sale.” If you have the recalled products in your home, you should either throw them away or return it for a refund. Fortunately, no illnesses have been reported so far.


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