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Surprising Facts About the Costs Related to Truck Accidents in Grand Rapids

— April 13, 2022

When the person harmed in the crash dies from their injuries, their family has the right to take legal action on their behalf.

Grand Rapids, MI – Truck accidents tend to be much more serious than other motor vehicle accidents. This is because there is the possibility of large amounts of property damage, life changing injuries, fatalities, and exposure to hazardous materials. 

People who are harmed in this manner in a truck crash in Michigan will want to speak with a lawyer to try to recover their losses through a lawsuit. The trucking company or the individual driver responsible can face serious financial losses that must be paid through their insurance or other means.  

Larger vehicles mean more damage

Some of the largest trucks with multiple trailers, those with long tankers attached, or dump trucks filled with materials tend to cause the most severe property damage in the event of an accident. Once a collision starts, there is little the driver can do to try to control these massive vehicles. This means that other vehicles nearby can be destroyed, any property nearby such as road barriers or guardrails will be damaged, and the cargo or hazardous materials that the truck was carrying can be spilled out onto the road surface. There will need to be a significant effort to clear the area after such a devastating crash.  

A victim’s family can receive large amounts if there are fatalities

When the person harmed in the crash dies from their injuries, their family has the right to take legal action on their behalf. Wrongful death cases can result in very significant amounts of compensation being paid out, as things like all of the person’s future lost wages and the value of other services they could have provided if they had lived can be factored into damages. The costs of a funeral and burial are also part of damages in a wrongful death case. An average semi truck crash where fatalities are involved can cost millions of dollars when all of the property damage and other costs paid to victims are considered.

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Trucking companies can be responsible for pain and suffering damages

After any severe truck collision in Grand Rapids, people who were hurt can sue the trucking company for their pain and suffering in addition to things like healthcare costs. When a person is injured to the point where their lifestyle is affected, the victim’s lawyer will generally ask for compensation related to their trauma, mental anguish, and physical pain caused by their injuries. 

More information about truck collision lawsuits 

There are truck accident attorneys available to assist with the process to bring a civil lawsuit in the Grand Rapids area. Anyone who needs to schedule a meeting with a local legal professional can use the listings on to find a lawyer who matches their needs. 

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