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Talkspace’s 2023 Campaign Offers Info About Mind, Body Health

— February 2, 2023

Mental health platform rolls out new wellness campaign.

For those that struggle with mental health, but do not have the finances or access to travel for mental healthcare, apps like Talkspace and BetterHelp have swept the market and provide increased and affordable access to mental health resources and therapy appointments. Talkspace has even taken this one step further, revolutionizing the mental healthcare space by creating a 2023 campaign.

Talkspace has now launched the “Start from the Top New Year  2023 Campaign” which helps users understand the mind-body connection. In psychology, it’s vital to understand this connection in order to fully appreciate how mental health issues manifest. If a person is suffering from anxiety, depression or trauma, for example, they can develop muscle tension, rashes, a stomach ache, headache, and other physical symptoms associated with these disorders. Sleep and weight changes, dizziness, and fatigue are also common.

Talkspace’s campaign states, “Luckily, you don’t have to take huge steps to build up your mental health—doing little things every day can make a difference. That’s why we’re encouraging you to kick-start the year by creating a strong foundation to enhance your well-being. When you prioritize mental wellness with your overall health, it can strengthen all areas of your life. Since it’s the perfect time to reset, try one of the below exercises each day this month to see how small steps can positively impact your mental health over time and in the long run—you can even take these healthy habits and behaviors with you well beyond January.”

Talkspace's 2023 Campaign Offers Info About Mind, Body Health
Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

Talkspace’s campaign utilizes celebrities and other mental health advocates to create a variety of educational resources helping individuals to learn more about habits to keep the mind and body healthy which can be integrated into daily life. The campaign is also prominent on social media, with the Talkspace Instagram showcasing daily “quick tips” for mental and physical health integration and improvements. In addition, the campaign is also running a giveaway for users to receive one free month of therapy through the app, and Talkspace also has in-site tools for tracking New Year’s resolutions, struggles, and goals. 

One of Talkspace’s spokespersons, Michael Phelps, stated, “Mental health is just as important as our physical health, and I am excited to be a part of Talkspace’s ‘Start from the Top’ to kick off 2023 as we encourage everybody to prioritize their mental health.” The app is also offering a coupon code for a limited time in the new year, to encourage those with financial strain to explore the platform and its therapeutic resources and available clinicians. 

There is a section of FAQs for those hesitant to begin the therapeutic journey, and this allows users to connect with each other over common mental health topics. The app was originally credited for allowing its users to text with a licensed therapist, as well as offering virtual video therapy sessions.When asked about the Talkspace campaign, Bisma Anwar, a licensed Talkspace therapist, stated, “Whether it’s talking to someone, like a therapist, or giving yourself permission to take the downtime to think and feel freely, there are many ways to proactively enhance your mental health. Sometimes there is no better way to start than just simply starting.”

As the year progresses, Talkspace will continue to revolutionize the therapy world a possible extra 2023 campaign, as well as new resources for users, and newly hired therapists to provide additional service coverage to Talkspace users. These services are much needed as the demand for mental health services has increased exponentially during the pandemic and there are currently limited resources to go around. 


Talkspace Launches ‘Start From the Top’ to Make Mental Health a Priority at the ‘Top’ of 2023

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