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Target Recalls Cat & Jack Unicorn ‘Chiara’ Children’s Boots Amid Choking Hazard Concerns

— February 15, 2019

Target stores recently issued a recall for thousands of Cat & Jack Unicorn ‘Chiara’ children’s boots over choking hazard concerns.

Recalled Cat & Jack 'Chiara' Boots inside tag with item number
Recalled Cat & Jack ‘Chiara’ Boots inside tag with item number; image courtesy of the CPSC,

If you’re among the many parents who adore Target’s Cat & Jack children’s clothing line, this recall notice if for you. Earlier this week, Target stores decided to recall about 33,600 pairs of Cat & Jack Unicorn ‘Chiara’ children’s boots over concerns that the unicorn horn stitched onto the boot may detach and pose a choking hazard to small children.

The specific model numbers included in the recall include the following:

  • 093-01-5653: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 5
  • 093-01-5654: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 6
  • 093-01-5655: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 7
  • 093-01-5656: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 8
  • 093-01-5657: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 9
  • 093-01-5658: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 10
  • 093-01-5659: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 11
  • 093-01-5660: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 12
  • 093-01-5661: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 13
  • 093-01-5662: Cat & Jack “Chiara” Boots Size 1

While there have been four consumer reports of the unicorn horn detaching, there have been no injuries reported. For now, parents are being instructed to take the boots away from their children immediately and return them to a Target store for a refund.


Target Recalls Unicorn Toddler Boots Due To Choking Hazard

Target recalls unicorn boots due to potential choking hazard

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