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Toxic and Radioactive Materials That Can Give You Cancer

— August 11, 2022

One of the most harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke is benzene.

New Orleans – Scientists are still trying to figure out ways to prevent and treat cancer, but one thing is clear – exposure to toxic and radioactive materials does increase the risk of developing rare forms of cancers. In such cases, it’s not fate or bad luck. If you or someone you love are now battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, mesothelioma, or other forms of rare cancers, you need to reach out to a reliable Louisiana accident lawyer who specializes in exposure to dangerous materials. Someone knew or should have known they’re putting innocent lives at risk and they need to pay for that. 

Main types of exposure to toxic and radioactive materials

Everybody understands the danger of toxic chemicals and tries to protect themselves as best they can. Yet, how can you protect yourself if you were told the water your family drinks is safe or your employer did not warn you about the toxic materials you may be exposed to? Let’s have a look at the most dangerous chemicals you may have unwittingly been exposed to. 


Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in Louisiana, but its makers never warned farmers of the fact that its main ingredient, glyphosate, has been linked with various types of cancer. Although there are numerous studies on the carcinogenic effects, its makers still insist that the product is less harmful than table salt. Roundup was originally produced by Monsanto, but as of 2018, it has been acquired by Bayer.

As early as 1996, Monsanto was accused of false advertising for claiming its product is harmless and the case was settled out of court. The company did not admit to glyphosate being dangerous, nor did they take any steps to at least warn people of the potential harmful effects. 

Handling or breathing in this product has been linked with various types of cancers, including Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

If you or anyone in your family mysteriously got cancer after years of using Roundup, you need to talk to experienced lawyers in New Orleans. Your lawyers will put you in touch with independent medical experts who will review your case and they’ll tell you how much your claim is worth.


For decades, asbestos was widely used for pipe insulations and as a fire retardant. It may be still hiding in your house or your workplace. Exposure to asbestos fibers has been tied with mesothelioma and other respiratory diseases.

Radioactive materials

Radionuclides are radioactive materials that occur naturally in oil and gas deposits. During the extraction process, these radionuclides accumulate as scale buildup. Workers cleaning oilfield pipes and equipment are exposed to radioactive particles that can cause lung cancer, leukemia, and other types of cancers. Just as with Monsanto, oil industry execs have long known about the danger their employees were exposed to but did nothing to protect them.

A woman smoking an electronic cigarette. Image via Flickr/user:Electric Tobacconist. (CCA-BY-2.0).


One of the most harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke is benzene. We have national campaigns to convince people to give up the habit and to protect non-smokers against benzene exposure. Unfortunately, the millions of people working in plants manufacturing rubber, plastics, petroleum products, lubricants, paints, synthetics, and resins, receive little to no protection against benzene. 

If you’ve worked in an environment where you may have been exposed to benzene, that may be the reason why you developed severe anemia, lymphoma, or leukemia. 

Talking to seasoned Louisiana accident attorneys won’t cure your cancer, but you can at least hold your employer accountable for your health problems and you can get the damages you deserve. 

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