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Truck Accident Lawyers Help Injured Clients Get Back on Their Feet

— April 8, 2022

The victim and their attorney can file a civil lawsuit that asks for a few different types of damages.

Las Vegas, NV – Many people know that they can retain an attorney after an accident to try to get financial assistance. However, there are specific steps that a legal professional who focuses on commercial vehicle crashes must take to file a successful lawsuit.

Nevada truck accident lawyers are available to give specific advice to anyone who is having issues after an injury and start the process to sue the driver responsible. 

Investigating negligence and fault

The victim’s lawyer will need to show that the truck driver and their employer were actually at fault for the crash if they want to receive compensation. This is done by showing a breach of the standard duty of care expected of commercial drivers on the roads. Things like speeding, driving under the influence, illegal lane changes, and going through stop signs can all be considered negligence. There are also a number of regulations related to commercial trucks and their drivers. The driver must have the proper credentials to operate the vehicle legally, they must follow regulations related to weight and cargo, and they need to take rest and break periods as dictated by federal transportation regulations. If these regulations were not observed, this can also be used as evidence of negligence. 

Filing the case

Once the plaintiff and their lawyer know who is at fault, they must draft a complaint that names the trucking company as a defendant. They must also give arguments in this document as to why the defendant driver was at fault and the amount of compensation needed in the statement of relief. 

Payment available after an accident

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The victim and their attorney can file a civil lawsuit that asks for a few different types of damages. There are economic damages, which can be shown through things like medical bills, lost wages, and other documentation that shows specific losses. Economic losses can also be projected into the future if it is clear that the person’s injuries will keep them out of work for a significant amount of time, or if they will require long term medical assistance and recovery. There are also non-economic damages which compensate a victim for less specific losses. This type of compensation is related to the person’s physical pain, mental health, trauma from the accident, and problems with their quality of life.  

Las Vegas truck accident lawyers can provide more info about the types of compensation and settlement negotiations available after a motor vehicle crash. 

Nevada truck crash attorneys

There are attorneys near me who work with local clients who have been injured in truck accidents. Anyone who wants to bring a lawsuit can use the directory on to find a lawyer in Las Vegas. 

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