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Truck Drivers Face Serious Consequences for Accidents While DUI

— April 8, 2022

During a lawsuit, trucking companies have special kinds of insurance that can pay out these large amounts if necessary. 

Portland, OR – The trucking industry has a number of serious problems, and issues with drugs and alcohol are among them. A commercial vehicle driver who has consumed controlled substances or alcohol becomes a danger to everyone on the road around them, and the possibility of a serious accident greatly increases. Trucking crashes are known to be much more likely to cause life changing injuries or fatalities than those involving smaller vehicles. If a driver does cause an accident, there are a number of issues that will affect the trucker and their employer, including criminal charges and lawsuits for compensation. 

People who have recently been injured should contact Portland truck accident lawyers to get advice about lawsuits and other matters. 

Criminal penalties

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a crime in the state of Oregon, as in most other jurisdictions around the country. Commercial drivers who are convicted can face fines of at least one thousand dollars, a license suspension of one year, community service hours, mandatory rehabilitation programs for substance abuse, and the possibility of up to a year in jail. There also may be non-criminal consequences from their employer such as a job loss, and it is possible that they may lose their commercial driving privileges based on their traffic records.  

Civil lawsuits for compensation

The driver and their employer will be named as defendants in a civil lawsuit by anyone who was injured and needs compensation for their losses due to medical treatment and lost wages. The victims can potentially ask for as much money as they need to be completely compensated for all of their losses with the assistance of Oregon truck accident lawyers. Non-economic damages for pain and suffering are available as well, and the victim’s attorney has to argue for this amount based on quality of life issues.

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The plaintiffs in the lawsuit will need to present evidence of negligence to show that the truck driver deviated from the accepted standard of care required on the roads. Evidence of driving under the influence is strong evidence of negligence that will be very beneficial to the plaintiff in their civil case, as are any other traffic violations. Most of these kinds of lawsuits will end with settlement negotiations, and the victim’s attorney should ensure that the settlement is large enough to cover all relevant losses. During a lawsuit, trucking companies have special kinds of insurance that can pay out these large amounts if necessary. 

Lawsuits against commercial vehicles in Oregon

There are attorneys near you who focus on truck accident cases in Portland and other cities. Anyone who needs assistance can use the listings on to find a legal professional who matches their needs. 

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