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Truck Accident Settlements Pave the Road for Victims to Heal

— April 7, 2022

Accident victims should be prepared to wait for a satisfactory settlement offer.

Fresno, CA – People who have been harmed by commercial drivers will want to get as much compensation as possible to help with their expenses. However, this often requires legal assistance to file a lawsuit, going through the discovery process, and then waiting for a sufficient settlement offer. There are a few issues related to accident settlements that are important to know for anyone who is going through this process and it is important to have the right lawyer guiding the process.

Fresno truck accident lawyers are available to provide more specific information about these matters to local clients. 

An accident settlement

While a trial in court is possible, the majority of motor vehicle accident lawsuits end with settlements rather than a trial. The settlement agreement should provide the victim with an amount of compensation that is similar to what they would have received from a jury verdict. This includes their healthcare costs, compensation for non-economic losses for pain and suffering, lost income and career losses, with the possibility of punitive damages if the defendant acted in a reckless or malicious manner. California truck accident lawyers have significant experience arguing for these kinds of damages. 

The background of the attorney matters

Anyone who is in the process of getting legal help after an accident with a commercial vehicle should be mindful of their attorney’s background and credentials. The lawyer or firm should have specific and extensive experience in handling matters such as commercial vehicle regulations, investigating accidents, and successfully getting compensation for clients who have been injured by truck drivers. Most reputable firms and attorneys will have information about their background and prior cases available to potential clients, and they will be prepared to answer specific questions about these topics. 

Negotiations can take time

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Accident victims should be prepared to wait for a satisfactory settlement offer. It is common for the insurance companies that represent commercial vehicle companies to initially offer low amounts to try to save money and see if the victim will accept such an agreement to close out the case and end the litigation. The person who brought the lawsuit should expect the entire process to take between several months and a couple of years to finish if they want the best result. This delay is partially due to the fact that the firms may need to exchange large amounts of information during the discovery process to determine the true costs of the accident. 

Finding a local attorney to help after an accident in California

There are attorneys near me who can assist with the process to get compensation after a truck collision in Fresno. lists lawyers throughout the country organized by state and practice area. 

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