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Truck Accident Victims in Tucson Should Know How the Incident is Investigated

— April 7, 2022

n very severe cases involving multiple injuries or deaths, the government may be involved through the National Transportation Safety Board.

Tucson, AZ – Collisions involving large commercial vehicles or semi trucks tend to be investigated more extensively than other motor vehicle incidents. There are several reasons for this, most notably that truck collisions tend to produce more damage and the government has an interest in collecting data to try to minimize the chances of fatal injuries and costs of property damage. If the person who was injured wants to sue the trucking company, the information obtained during the regulation can be important to them as well. Violations of trucking regulations or traffic laws may be used against the truck driver to show that they were at fault for the crash.

Arizona truck accident lawyers are available to meet with people who are considering a lawsuit against the company responsible for their injuries.

Post collision investigations

Investigations usually start with local police, fire departments, and emergency medical staff arriving on the scene. They will take note of the people involved, the positioning of the vehicles, and collect basic details. Additional cleanup crews may be required if the vehicle was transporting hazardous materials. Other aspects of the investigation can include reviewing the black box recorder from the truck, looking at cell phone or radio use by the trucker, and looking for any other devices on the truck or other vehicles involved that created recordings or images. The trucking company will usually have to take an inventory of the lost cargo and other financial problems that can affect their business.

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In very severe cases involving multiple injuries or deaths, the government may be involved through the National Transportation Safety Board to determine how a highway crash happened. In these cases it may also be necessary to try to reconstruct the accident through computer modeling or other methods to get a clear idea of the cause of the crash.

Compensation related to the crash

If the investigation uncovers negligent behaviors by the trucking company, their driver, or other parties involved in the maintenance of the vehicle, they may be implicated in various forms of civil liability. Accident victims, along with their Tucson truck accident lawyers will use this kind of information to show fault during the course of a lawsuit. In these cases, it is most likely that the incident will be settled for an amount that covers the victim’s medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, along with the possibility of punitive damages if reckless or malicious behavior is suspected. 

Assistance after an accident in Tucson

People who need legal advice can speak with truck crash attorneys near me to get information about the process to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation. contains listings of lawyers all over the country organized by state and practice area. 

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