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Vehicles That Can Be Subject to Commercial Regulations in Tucson

— July 21, 2022

One of the most common types of commercial vehicles is a semi truck with a trailer attached.

Tucson, AZ – There are many kinds of vehicles on the roads each day that are driven for business purposes rather than personal use. While this is generally not a problem, it can create a number of different issues if there is an accident and injuries. These vehicles are also subject to a number of different requirements from the government that may become relevant during the course of an investigation. People who want compensation after an accident with these kinds of drivers will have to go through a slightly different process than standard drivers. The person should still try to get information about the vehicle and driver at the scene, and then contact their insurance company. Attorneys who dedicate their time to helping people after commercial vehicle accidents can discuss these matters further following any collision. 

Semi trucks

One of the most common types of commercial vehicles is a semi truck with a trailer attached. These vehicles can store large amounts of cargo, which makes them ideal for shipping various kinds of goods anywhere in the country. There are weight limits on their cargo and limitations on driving hours for operators. Despite their necessity for business, large semi trucks can be extremely dangerous during highway accidents, as smaller vehicles are likely to sustain very serious damage due to the size differences. Tucson truck accident lawyers routinely sue companies that operate fleets of these kinds of vehicles. 

Tanker trucks 

Tucson accident lawyers also may have to file lawsuits against drivers of tankers. These kinds of trucks normally transport fuel and other liquids, which creates an additional danger and the potential for various kinds of damage if these liquids are classified as hazardous materials. If one of these vehicles is involved in a crash, the victim should do their best to gather information about the driver and the company that owns the truck. 

Passenger transports

A yellow taxi in New York. Image via MaxPixel. The court’s ruling will make Lyft compensate is ride-share contractors the same way as many traditional taxi operators. Public domain.

Vehicles such as buses that transport several people at a time are also subject to commercial regulations, including licensing requirements for the drivers. A bus accident can be especially dangerous during a crash, as dozens of passengers inside the bus may sustain injuries in addition to the other vehicles involved in the collision and their drivers and passengers. Both lawyers and insurance companies may have to deal with various claims and lawsuits based on the sheer number of people involved in these kinds of incidents.

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