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Emissions of Guilt: A By-The-Numbers Look at the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

— October 7, 2015

We break down the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and display pertinent numbers relevant to the investigation into the use of bypass software to cheat emissions testing and promote “clean diesel.”

Emissions of Guilt: a by-the-number look into the Volkswagen Emissions ScandalVolkswagen faces an 18 billion dollar fine from the EPA.Emissions scandal has cost Volkswagen $17 billion in value.VW sets aside $7.3 billion for recalls, fines, and penalties.11 million Volkswagen-made vehicles worldwide are equipped to defeat emissions testing with software. 5 million VW-branded cars have diesel engines that use emissions-bypassing software.2.1 million Audis are affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal.1.8 million commercial vehicles worldwide have emissions bypassing software.1.2 million Skoda-branded vehicles have emissions defeating software.482,000 cars were sold in the US by Volkswagen that have emissions defeating software.39000 Volkswagen cars qualified for a "clean diesel" tax credit in 2009.VW sells cars in 153 countries. VW killed 106 more Americans than previously calculated78 years of Volkswagen.The pursuit of justice against Volkswagen.27 US State attorney generals are investigating Volkswagen.Volkswagen is being investigated by 12 different countries due to their emissions bypassing software. 3 federal agencies are investigaing Volkswagen.Volkswagen became the #1 volume automaker worldwide in 2015. VW emissions scandal sources

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