Are Michigan Auto Insurance Companies Charging Women and Widows Higher Rates?

How much do you pay for your car insurance each month? Do you think you’re rate is fair? If you’re a woman, do you pay the same as your male counterparts? If you’re a Michigan driver, chances are you’re not. In fact, according to an investigation launched by Scripps station WXYZ in Detroit, auto insurance companies in Michigan regularly discriminate against drivers based on their gender or relationship status. You’re probably wondering how this practice is legal, right? After all, there are laws in place to prevent this type of discrimination.

Maintaining Your Car’s Transmission to Avoid Troubles on the Road

While driving, very few people bother about the maintenance as long as their vehicles are running. Suddenly, one day their car, bike, truck or tractor might break down, and it might cause heavy damage both financially and socially. However, with a little care and maintenance, any vehicle can run smoothly for years without showing signs of any significant problems, particularly those with the transmission. Are you aware of what it is and how to maintain it?