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What Are OVI Penalties in Cleveland and How Can They Be Mitigated?

— May 12, 2023

The judge will also likely mandate that the driver get substance treatment to prevent them from carrying out more OVI convictions in the future.

When a person is caught for drunk driving in Ohio, they will face penalties for operating their vehicle under the influence (OVI). In other states, driving under the influence or DUI is the common term used for similar charges. Depending on the severity of the OVI and if the driver had prior offenses, the penalties will vary.

For instance, if a driver is faced with a first time aggravated offense, then they will face a minimum of three years in jail and they will also have to face three days of a drivers intervention program. For a second aggravated offense, individuals will face at least 20 days in jail or 10 days in jail and 36 days under house arrest. For a third aggravated offense, drivers must serve 60 days in jail or 30 days in jail and 110 days under house arrest while also undergoing alcohol monitoring.

The judge will also likely mandate that the driver get substance treatment to prevent them from carrying out more OVI convictions in the future. If the person is a first-time offender their treatment is optional. However, offenders who are in for a second or third offense must complete the substance abuse assessment. On an administrative level, the driver will have their license suspended, and this will also be suspended on a criminal level through criminal court. While the criminal charges are pending the judge has the right to suspend the license as well.

Man handing police officer his driver's license; image by Kindel Media, via
Man handing police officer his driver’s license; image by Kindel Media, via

If drivers truly need their license and they are dependent on it for one reason or the other, they can petition in court for a limited license. If the application goes through successfully then they will be allowed to operate their vehicle during the suspension period. However, they will have to follow strict time and place restrictions. Before having a limited license reinstated, drivers will have to complete a suspension period of 15 days for their first offense, 45 days for their second offense, or 180 days for their third offense. 

Getting the Help of an Experienced DUI Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio 

Drivers who take the significant risk of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and are arrested for it, will need to communicate with experienced lawyers to help them with the court procedure that is sure to follow. 

If a person has excellent Cleveland OVI attorneys on their side, they can contend to have their license restored based on desperate circumstances. Whether this petition is heard depends on how powerful the case is and how much proof they have. Ohio OVI attorneys can assist a person to get their license back as well as fight to have their sentences diminished. OVI attorneys can also help drivers understand their current legal situation and what sort of consequences and possible forms of assistance they should expect. 

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