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What Does an Immigration Attorney Do in Minnesota?

— October 13, 2022

An immigration attorney can help you switch your immigration status.

If you’re dealing with immigration-related legal issues in Minnesota, you might be wondering whether or not you actually need a lawyer. After all, can’t you handle these issues by yourself? How hard could it possibly be? If you have time to spare and you’re willing to go through piles and piles of paperwork, there’s no reason to get help from a legal expert… right?

As you will see, working with an immigration attorney can provide you with a number of important benefits. Whether you’re emigrating to the United States for the first time, switching your immigration status, or fighting a deportation order, it always makes sense to get help from someone who has expert knowledge of immigration law. These legal professionals can guide you towards a positive legal outcome and ensure that you’re fighting for your rights in the most efficient way possible. 

An Immigration Attorney Can Stop You From Being Deported

If you enlist the help of an immigration attorney, you can avoid being deported. In some cases, you can fight against deportation orders and successfully stay in the nation. An attorney can explore a number of different options to help you. In 2021, it was reported that Governor Tim Waltz was fighting to stop an Ethiopian woman from being deported due to the fact that she had murdered her husband. She was determined to have acted in self-defense, as her husband was extremely abusive. However, she was denied a pardon, and deportation proceedings moved forward. Governor Waltz is still fighting to keep her in the nation, and this shows that anything is possible when you’re faced with deportation. 

An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Emigrate Successfully

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An immigration attorney can also help you emigrate to the United States in a seamless, efficient manner. The application process can be quite complex, and even a small mistake can lead to significant delays. If you try to do this on your own, you might make a tiny error that could delay your application. In certain cases, it might even prevent you from successfully emigrating altogether. Immigration attorneys can also help you choose which visa to pursue for the highest chances of success. 

Switching Your Immigration Status

Finally, an immigration attorney can help you switch your immigration status. For example, you might already be on a student visa, and you may wish to switch to an immigrant visa after graduating. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced immigration attorney in the Minneapolis area, there are plenty of legal professionals waiting to assist you. These attorneys can help with a wide range of potential issues, and you can strive towards a positive legal outcome even if you feel like there’s no hope of staying in the country. Book your consultation today, and you can discuss all of your options with your new immigration attorney. 

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