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What Does It Mean if a Truck Driver Was Negligent in Iowa?

— February 25, 2022

There are various types of compensation that the victim can collect.

All drivers need to be careful on the roads to obey traffic laws and avoid causing accidents. Truckers and commercial drivers also have additional sets of rules they must follow for safety reasons. Whenever any driver breaches the expected standard of care on the roads, they may be found negligent. Negligence cases are essentially a type of lawsuit that accident victims can use to sue drivers who cause injuries, property damage, and various other losses. If the defendant is considered negligent by a jury or the parties reach a settlement agreement, they will have to pay these costs. Some attorneys focus their entire practice on truck accident cases in Iowa, and they can provide advice after a crash.

Evidence of negligence

If a plaintiff in a lawsuit wants to try to show that a truck driver was negligent, they can use various kinds of evidence. This normally includes things like traffic violations such as speeding or reckless driving, and it can also include violations of commercial vehicle regulations. Commercial drivers are more restricted in what they can do on the roads, and they must take mandatory breaks and rest periods, as well as be mindful of their cargo. Failing to meet these standards can also be considered negligent behavior. The truck driver’s employer may have been negligent for hiring a dangerous driver with a record of accidents as well. 

The elements of negligence

Accident scene; image by Akreyche, via
Accident scene; image by Akreyche, via

When the victim actually files a negligence lawsuit, there are a few things that must be shown. This includes a relevant duty of care, a breach of the duty of care, actual and proximate causation, and damages or actual losses. Each negligence lawsuit must use the evidence to demonstrate all of these elements, otherwise the plaintiff cannot prevail if any element is missing. 


The reason negligence cases are filed is to collect damages. This makes calculating damages one of the most important aspects of the case. There are various types of compensation that the victim can collect, and they can prove their losses through things like bills, repair estimates, and medical documentation. Economic damages are usually tied to medical treatment, hospitalization, lost income and career damage, and property damage and the costs of repairs. Non-economic damages are tied to the victim’s physical pain, trauma, and losses in their quality of life caused by the defendant. Finally, in some cases punitive damages may be available as a way of punishing the defendant for various kinds of bad or illegal behavior. 

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