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What If I Accidentally Got Drunk Before a DUI Crash?

— May 18, 2022

People become heavily intoxicated through no fault of their own in many different ways. One of the most common is if their drink becomes “spiked” with a certain drug.

As crazy as it may sound, people might unintentionally become heavily intoxicated before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Through no fault of their own, they might be unable to drive efficiently, resulting in a crash. They might also be pulled over by the police. This can result in considerable legal consequences, even though the defendant might have no idea how they became intoxicated. Indeed, they might have no idea what is actually going on. So how can you deal with this situation when you regain your senses? Can you really be charged with a DUI even if you were accidentally intoxicated?

Whatever the case may be, it’s very important to get in touch with a qualified, experienced drunk driving attorney as soon as possible if you have been charged with a DUI. But we know what you’re thinking: “Where can I find attorneys near me?” The answer is simple: there are many Chula Vista accident lawyers nearby who can assist you, and all you really need to do is reach out, book a consultation, and start working towards a positive resolution alongside a legal professional. 

Why You Might Be Unintentionally Intoxicated

People become heavily intoxicated through no fault of their own in many different ways. One of the most common is if their drink becomes “spiked” with a certain drug – such as GHB1. This drug makes people vulnerable to sexual assault, and it can have tremendously debilitating effects. Some victims stumble to their vehicle in a state of panic, making an effort to get as far away from potential abusers as possible. Unfortunately, this may result in a DUI charge when people are caught driving while under the influence of GHB. 

People may become intoxicated through other forms of trickery. For example, someone might request six non-alcoholic beers. Or perhaps they are served with certain cocktails with alcohol that is very difficult to taste. Whatever the case may be, these victims may become much more drunk than intended, and this can cause serious issues when they get behind the wheel of a car. 

It’s Still a DUI

Handcuffs and key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via
Image by Bill Oxford, via

Unfortunately, DUI laws clearly do not distinguish between accidental and “intentional” intoxication2. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving, you will be charged with a DUI – regardless of the circumstances. That being said, judges and prosecutors may view your case with much more sympathy if you can prove you were given GHB or tricked in some way into becoming intoxicated. If you’d like to prove that this was indeed the case, get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Where Can I Find an Attorney?

If you’ve been searching for Chula Vista DUI or DWI accident lawyers, there are many professionals who can assist you. With their help, you can strive for the best possible results in the most efficient way possible. Although facing a DUI can be a very serious problem, there’s no reason you should face needlessly excessive penalties – especially if it was never your intention to become intoxicated. Book your consultation today to fight for your rights in an effective manner. 



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