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What Should an Accident Victim Expect When Trying to Get Paid via Settlement in Live Oak?

— November 23, 2021

The attorneys should have an idea of what the victim will need to be paid for all of their losses.

Live Oak, FL – Many accident lawsuits will end with a settlement agreement. This is due to the fact that trials are costly, and most clients would rather get the most compensation possible rather than investing more money into legal fees and the costs associated with a full trial in court. When an injured person wants to start the process to get paid for their medical costs and other losses, they should speak with a licensed attorney about how to proceed.  

After the incident

When someone has been involved in a car crash, they should document the situation as best as possible. This will include notifying the local police, trying to get evidence through pictures or other means, and filing an insurance claim. Things like an accident report and any items that document the scene can be crucial at a later time such as during settlement negotiations. 

Legal help and representation

The settlement negotiations will be handled by a lawyer retained by the victim. Anyone who is choosing a lawyer should look for a local professional with experience in the specific area of the law that reflects their problems. This means that the attorney should know about accident cases, settlement negotiations, and related matters such as negligence lawsuits. 

Filing the case and discovery

Gavel and rolled document saying “Personal Injury” resting atop maroon book saying “Law.” Image by Claimaccident, via
Image by Claimaccident, via

The lawyer will need to bring a lawsuit in the appropriate venue. The documentation will explain when and where the accident took place, why the defendant is at fault, and list the victim’s request for damages or compensation to help pay for their losses such as medical bills and property damage. After both parties have the lawsuit, they will start to exchange evidence and other kinds of information through the discovery process. Discovery is very important in personal injury cases because as it becomes more clear what happened and who was at fault, the parties are likely to settle and come to an agreement. 

The negotiation process

The attorneys should have an idea of what the victim will need to be paid for all of their losses. The plaintiff’s lawyer will try to get as much of this compensation as possible without too much compromise on important details. The client should also review the terms of any final settlement agreement before accepting. 

Assistance after a motor vehicle collision in Florida

Koberlein Law Offices is a law firm that handles all kinds of accident and personal injury cases in the Live Oak area. Their lawyers are available for consultations where they can explain the process of a civil lawsuit and how to receive compensation. 

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