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What Will a Drunk Driver Owe a Person They Hurt in El Paso?

— May 18, 2022

It is common for a motor vehicle crash to result in several thousand or even millions of dollars worth of losses or expenses.

El Paso, TX – The Texas DWI statute outlines various potential punishments for drunk drivers. This usually includes a driver’s license suspension, significant fines, and the possibility of jail time based on the severity of the offense and the driver’s prior record. What is equally important to accident victims who were harmed by drunk drivers is to make sure that they are compensated sufficiently through the civil courts. Attorneys near me can be consulted to provide more specific details about any issues related to suing a drunk driver. Aside from these criminal issues and penalties, El Paso DWI accident lawyers routinely sue drivers who have been using drugs or drinking before causing a collision.

Civil cases against negligent drivers

Civil lawsuits related to various kinds of motor vehicle accidents are a common task for lawyers who help personal injury clients. El Paso accident lawyers have experience with suing drivers who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the crash, as well as other types of collisions. For a civil negligence case, the plaintiff’s lawyer does not necessarily need to show proof that that defendant driver was drunk at the time of the crash, but they do have to prove the elements of negligence, which can include intoxicated driving or other behaviors that deviate from the required standard of care. These types of cases are generally resolved through settlements, where the attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant agree on an amount of compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that will help the victim cover most or all of the losses caused by the defendant’s actions. 

Damages in civil cases

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It is common for a motor vehicle crash to result in several thousand or even millions of dollars worth of losses or expenses. Car insurance companies routinely pay for things like hospitalization and medical care after an emergency, and other costs related to the person’s recovery. It is also possible that the defendant driver will have to pay for the victim’s future lost income, which can be very significant if the person was disabled or seriously hurt during the accident. Finally, non-economic damages for pain and suffering can be at least as large as the other combined amounts of compensation for lost income and wages. The plaintiff’s attorney will have experience with arguing for a significant amount of compensation due to quality of life issues such as physical pain, trauma, and mental health problems caused by the drunk driver.

Finding a drunk driving accident lawyer in Texas is a service that connects people with local legal professionals who match their needs. Accident victims who are trying to find a lawyer can call 800-672-3103 to get help. 

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