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Why Do Law Firms Almost Always Carry the Names of the Lawyers?

— May 6, 2021

It’s a “cleaner” way of making your name popular in the legal domain.

We see numerous law firms that carry the name of the lawyers rather than a name of an actual company. For example, instead of being named DefenseMax (just an example), we see firm names such as Andrews, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett. Why is this such a common occurrence? Are there any reasons why law firms are going for actual names? Turns out, there are – and the reasons seem to be quite good. 

Some States Require It 

In many states, the Bar Association made a rule that the law firms should be named after lawyers from within the firm – specifically, the founders. This rule was challenged a number of times, but with little success. In the end, even if lawyers did have a marvelous idea to start a law firm with a grand name, they couldn’t because the law didn’t allow them to. 

It’s Easier to Choose the Name

Let’s say that you are in a state where you are allowed to come up with a random name and call your firm by that name. Still, you must think about all the moments when you struggled to create a name for something, and gloriously failed to find something fitting – something that would make a better image. Many startup law firms can’t come up with a name that is good enough, which is why they just decide to add their names there. 

It’s Good for Making Them Known

Let’s say that you are a lawyer who started up a firm named the Lawyers of the Block (again, a hypothetical name). Whenever someone hears about the success of your firm, they won’t know your name or your skills as an employment lawyer – and won’t know that you were involved with it. However, if the law firm carries your name, it helps with branding and it allows the people to associate the firm with your name. Lawyers are competitive by nature, so having their name up there helps. 

It Shows Off Partnerships

Handshake: image courtesy of geralt via Pixabay,

Let’s say that you start a company with a partner that already made a name for themselves – but as a lawyer, you are only beginning to find clients. By using both your names, you can help bring clients in your direction through their name. Plus, even if both of you are equally popular and express good business leadership, it still means that clients will be coming from different directions: from their market and yours. 

It’s a Partnership

Licensed professions such as lawyers, doctors, architects, and engineers can’t form LLCs or LC companies, mainly because their work is either based on independent work or partnerships. They do not follow the standard business model, which is why they cannot have the classic name of a company up there.

The Bottom Line

In the end, attorneys either choose their own names because the law requires it, or because they want to build their reputation. It’s a “cleaner” way of making your name popular in the legal domain.

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