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Woman Facing Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Harassment at the Wyoming National Guard

— January 11, 2022

The women are currently encouraging local legislators to address the issues in the Wyoming workforce

On October 11, 2021, another woman spoke out about sexual harassment against a member of the Wyoming National Guard. The woman claims that she was sexually harassed by a colleague at the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy (part of a National Guard initiative), an organization that focuses on recruiting at risk teenagers who have either dropped out of school or who are thinking about dropping out of school.  

Upon reporting a sexual harassment incident, she received retaliation from her supervisors, commanders and colleagues while working. Her experience at work became hostile, forcing her to resign from her position in October 2021. 

Wyoming Public Media and Wyofile have both reported that three other women had similar experiences with the Wyoming National Guard. One of them also reported sexual harassment while working at the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy.

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Photo by Stanley Morales from Pexels

The women are currently encouraging local legislators to address the issues in the Wyoming workforce. 

What to do if you experience workplace harassment? 

Wyoming workers who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of sexual harassment in their place of employment may be afraid to fight the incident, since their livelihood may be in jeopardy. Despite how difficult it may be, coming forward to confront the incident may be the best in the long run. 

Many places of employment cover up their sexual harassment incidents due to the fact that many employers do not practice adequate human resources. Sexual harassment can bring unnecessary trauma and tension with long term negative effects. Sexual harassment can be elusive, leaving victims to even question what they have just experienced.

Sexual harassment or harassment of any kind can occur in many ways. Others may perceive threatening messages to be harassment. Wyoming Law prohibits and punishes incidents of sexual harassment. In the unfortunate event that anyone experiences workplace sexual harassment or harassment in any academic setting, it is recommended to do the following:

· Document the incident with your smartphone

· Clarify the incident with human resources

· Hire a sexual harassment attorney in your area. 

Wyoming natives who witness sexual harassment in any way, shape, or form should not be taken lightly. These incidents should be reported and handled with the utmost respect and care. Help is available! You are entitled to peace of mind and protection from sexual harassment! Contact an attorney who will fight for you today! 

Unfortunately, leaving sexual harassment claims ignored or unaddressed can cause worse emotional turmoil in the future. You may be entitled to compensation and your rights deserve to be represented. In most cases, is it recommended to contact the services of a skilled legal expert to help you cope and win in court? Schedule a consultation with a Wyoming sexual harassment attorney today.

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