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ZERO Announces Apollo, its Latest AI-Driven Productivity Automation Tool for the Legal Industry

— October 27, 2021

Apollo is a desktop-based time capture automation solution that records time spent on billable activity.

ZERO, a pioneer in productivity automation solutions for professional services firms, announced the launch of Apollo, a new software solution that automatically captures lawyers time spent on billable work on any desktop device and seamlessly integrates it into their existing billing platform. Apollo is a low-touch, high-impact solution that can be deployed seamlessly on a law firm’s existing IT infrastructure. 

Apollo offers the legal industry a new intelligent product that mimics human cognition by learning from users’ activities to produce accurate recordings of projects and billable time to drive higher client value and improve employee morale. According to ZERO’s latest legal industry survey published in August 2021, lawyers waste 30% of their time on non-billable admin tasks like tracking and reporting time – time that could be spent improving the quality of their work lives by focusing on practicing law.

“We heard loud and clear from lawyers that they want a better work-life balance, and one way to provide that is freeing up their time spent on administrative tasks,” said Alex Babin, ZERO CEO. “With Apollo, the time they spend working on their desktops is automatically captured and entered into their billing software, meaning they don’t have to spend hours at the end of every day, week or month manually entering that time, when they could be watching their child play soccer or focusing on winning a case.”

Work-life balance: relaxing at the beach and a laptop on a desk; image by Alexas_Fotos, via Pixabay, CC0.
Image by Alexas_Fotos, via Pixabay, CC0.

Apollo provides three key benefits to lawyers and their support staff: 1) ensuring the quality and relevancy of time entries; 2) reducing the hours spent on manual timekeeping; and 3) increasing revenue for law firms.  Apollo joins ZERO’s suite of automation products that enable lawyers to be more productive and generate more revenue by automating and streamlining onerous administrative tasks such as email management and mobile time capture. ZERO is well-known in the legal industry via partnerships with AMLAW500 companies automating their internal administrative processes, like billing, email, and document management. 

ZERO’s next-generation AI solutions sit upon existing systems and provide an additional layer of automation that runs in the background, using autonomous virtual modules to mimic human decision-making in high-value, repetitive processes like information prioritization and data classification. This automated layer sits on top of billing systems, email systems and document management systems enabling organizations to increase productivity and accuracy at the user and firm-wide level, ultimately bringing more billable hours and profit to the firm.

ZERO is a leader in Productivity Automation with products engineered to help professional services firms achieve operational excellence. ZERO’s applications enable lawyers to be more productive and generate more revenue by automating and streamlining onerous administrative tasks such as email and document management and time capture. Law firms around the world rely on ZERO to minimize revenue leakage, increase email compliance, and improve the lives of their lawyers. Learn more at

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