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Are You Facing a Charge of Manufacturing Marijuana?

— April 18, 2022

Suppose the officer doesn’t find with you an ingredient common to manufacturing illegal drugs or any other components used for making illicit drugs.

It’s illegal to cultivate or manufacture drug substances such as marijuana. Those who grow the material for illicit use face criminal charges for “manufacturing” drugs. That’s why it’s so essential for individuals to carefully consider whether they want to get legally involved in cultivating plants – they could face prison time or steep fines and probation upon release. But what if you’re trying to produce enough marijuana for personal use? In some states, it might be okay, but if you cross state lines with even a tiny amount, there could be trouble because of how criminal laws vary state by state. Make sure you know these legal limits before growing marijuana for yourself.

In some cases, people dealing in precursor chemicals or tools for marijuana production also find themselves in legal soup in the form of a felony. No matter what lands you in this life-changing event, it’s better to seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Law firms like The Lux Law Firm, PLLC can come in handy in this matter. You may not be aware of the nitty-gritty of these cases, but their vast knowledge and experience enable them to represent your case vigorously. Here are some insights to give you a sense of what happens in these cases.

The Prosecution Angle

Suppose the officer doesn’t find with you an ingredient common to manufacturing illegal drugs or any other components used for making illicit drugs. In that case, this might not be enough to prove intent. However, if they discover some recipe books or laboratory equipment required for making drugs, they can likely prove their case and arrest that person who owned all these things. Likewise, spotting marijuana seeds with you is not enough for them to indicate your intent for its production. However, if they also happen to retrieve necessary equipment for growing cannabis, it can lead them to arrest you.

In this context, it is essential to note that possessing some items that also typically come in handy in manufacturing illegal drugs with a permit or license may deter the case in your favor. For instance, many pharma companies need substances that work in illicit drugs. But you cannot be aware of them and can struggle to figure out a solution. But your defense attorney knows their job well.

State and Federal Laws about Marijuana Cultivation

Under federal law, a criminal conviction related to marijuana growing could lead to five years of jail. The jail term can be 1-10 years, and there can be a heavy penalty also. However, states that allow individuals to use marijuana for medical or recreational uses may not still be exempt from federal law enforcement in this case. So it’s not clear how these laws will operate. On the other side, some states can also have strict rules and regulations for people involved in manufacturing marijuana.

Anyway, conviction and charges are two different scenarios and thus, require careful handling. You cannot differentiate or deal between them because of your inexperience in the law. That’s why it’s better to play safe and hire a defense attorney for your protection.  

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